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Company Overview

SmartPA are the leading experts on outsourcing, PAs, business support & administration services. We offer our clients the most efficient, cost-effective ways to handle their business tasks and admin support. 


Our accredited SmartPAs are of the highest standard and are matched with companies across all sectors. 

Our SmartPAs are part of a global community and support each other, so all holiday, maternity and sickness cover are taken care of. 


Franchise Overview

Our community spans the globe, with over 250 SmartPAs, 15 countries, 15 languages and 2500+ clients and our passion for supporting business growth has not changed since SmartPA was founded in 2008. 

Unlike any other Franchise opportunity, SmartPA enables you to start making money from the get-go, by providing you with your first client, free of charge.




SmartPA’s expert Learning & Development Programme will provide you with the knowledge and skills to run a successful SmartPA business. 


Our bespoke online learning platform, the SmartPA Hub, gives you the flexibility to learn from home or while still in full-time employment. 

Ongoing support – which includes training, business coaching, IT, technology and sales and marketing support. 



Daily Life of a franchisee

Our partners come from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, each bringing a unique skill set, ensuring that SmartPA has the widest skill set on offer to business communities around the world. On a day to day, a SmartPA can support multiple clients on a variety of projects – from bookkeeping to email management, social media to project management, no two days are the same. 


Previous PA experience is not essential, but a positive attitude is! We are looking for individuals with drive, dedication, passion and an eagerness to learn. 

Nige Sterrick

“I took voluntary redundancy after 9 years in financial services and had started to look for a new position. I knew very early on that I’d made the right decision, as the support, guidance, encouragement, mentoring, coaching and training I’ve received has been first class. I can honestly say I’ve not had one single negative experience since I joined SmartPA. I can see no reason why I’m not with SmartPA until I retire…or possibly semi-retire and remain involved due to the flexibility of the SmartPA model.  

"Thankfully, I’ve at least 20 years of being a full-time SmartPA Partner until I need to start to think about retirement. I’m excited when I think of what I could achieve in the 20 years and where SmartPA will be as a global phenomenon by then!”

Tracey Sellers

"My journey with SmartPA has been nothing but tremendous from the team, from the very start, from my initial enquiry. All along the journey there has been someone there to help me and to ensure that I had all the information necessary to ensure that becoming a SmartPA partner is for me. SmartPA provides you with all the information needed to make an informed decision, such as set up costs, what to expect when to become a partner. You are encouraged to speak to other partners who have been through the journey for an unbiased view on what the training entails and what life as a SmartPA partner is like." 

Sarah Garcia

“I was absolutely thrilled to be accepted as a SmartPA franchisee. SmartPA has given me the best of both worlds, I have a business that is my own but with the benefit of a bonus client to allow my business to get a head start. There is also the option of paid work also which made a huge difference to me when making the decision to leave my job. 


"I found the SmartPA Accreditation Programme challenging as I was undertaking it whilst holding down a full-time job. But the team were fantastic, very understanding of how difficult it was trying to do both and let me complete it at my own pace. 

It is great knowing that there is always someone there at the end of a phone or email. It is good having a Franchise Support Team so that you have a single point of contact. 


"Almost immediately I was offered franchisee support work for a client in Brussels which is an opportunity I would never have had before. This was a really good first client for me as I had contact with the franchisee who manages the account so she was able to guide me through my first onboarding process. 


"It’s great to be able to work for yourself but the fact that SmartPA support you in setting up your business and getting started makes it less daunting to make the leap.” 

Sadie Nicholson

“The main reason I decided to invest was the back-up support that can be gained from other franchisees so that my clients are never without support, should I be on holiday or unable to work through sickness. SmartPA is also the market leader in this area. 


"I have met a few “virtual assistants” whilst networking, and what strikes me most about SmartPA is the professional image and the preparation you have behind you before you start networking.  The brand is maintained by all franchisees going through the same accreditation process and I would feel confident in handing over work to other franchisees and expecting the same kind of professional, expert approach to be taken as I pride myself that I have.


"The support throughout accreditation was great and Head Office did everything they could to help me go through the programme at breakneck speed – without any dip in quality. Post launch I have found Head Office very supportive and have always been available for any problems I have had.” 

Nicola Connor

“I had been looking for a role in administration however as I had been ill for a number of months and my most recent work was as a self-employed dog walker I was not certain I would find work easily. 


"When I saw the SmartPA franchise and spoke to Head Office and to a couple of the franchisees I felt it would be a good fit for me. 

The additional support and training available from SmartPA Head Office and the provision of a bonus client and head office support work on offer made the franchise a very sound investment. The support provided in finding finance to fund the franchise fee was also very useful. 


"I found the SmartPA Accreditation Programme to be of an exceptionally high standard. The modules and assignments take you on a journey of learning, not only about the SmartPA brand and ethos, but also to ensure you have the skills and experience you need to support your clients and run your own business. The module containing the case study work was especially helpful, putting you into the shoes of a SmartPA and providing the opportunity to research a number of topics which are very useful in your own business set up. The modules on sales and pricing are also very beneficial in exploring ways to engage with potential clients and identify their needs. 


"The advice I would give someone considering SmartPA is to keep positive. There will be days when things do not go to plan, especially in the beginning as you are getting to grips with running your own business, providing a high level of support to clients and looking to find new clients. You need to trust in your abilities and know that the SmartPA Accreditation Programme and the Head Office support is there to help you start and build your business to wherever you want it to be.” 

Annie Ridge

“SmartPA has offered me the opportunity to invest in a professional, growing business. One of my reasons for choosing SmartPA is the flexibility in terms of working models, as well as the opportunity to work full-time or part-time from home. I have previously co-owned three SMEs and am aware of how much hard work goes into setting up a new business, creating a recognised brand and getting sales off the ground. I would say that SmartPA fast tracks the franchisee into year two of their business. You can talk to clients about real case studies and SmartPA’s track record from day one, which you can’t do with a normal start-up company. On top of this, the support given by the SmartPA’s Head Office in terms of social media / newsletters / website content as well as on-going information and training offers me the equivalent of a part time employee from day one at no additional expense. SmartPA offers me the opportunity to run my own business with the support of a head office team and other SmartPA franchisees, this is a benefit for me and for my clients. The fees are realistic and affordable to a wide range of people. 


"The accreditation programme is very structured and thorough. The modules are relevant and interesting, it’s very useful to work on ‘real’ case studies - this gave me the opportunity to learn about new systems and technology - which has already been useful when talking to potential clients and networking. I was impressed with the programme, it requires a lot of investment from Head Office and it’s reassuring to know that all franchisees are ‘accredited’ and work to the same standard.


"Support post accreditation has been great. For me personally, the Sales Masterclass was extremely useful, it allowed me to set myself realistic expectations and have a more structured approach to new business. I have had positive, prompt replies to my queries, no matter how small. 

My bonus client has given me a real boost, it’s incredibly motivating to have a client to work with during the initial stages of running a business when most of your focus is networking, calling and new business meetings. It’s also great to have some income; managing a new client has given me a real sense of achievement. 


"If you’re thinking of investing in SmartPA, don’t be afraid of the ‘sales’ side, focus on building relationships. You need to believe in the business to make it work - SmartPA has a proven track record with many successful franchisees, so you can make a success of it too!” 

Christine Cuthbertson

"Having researched various start up options offering business support, I chose SmartPA for their professional approach from the outset. At no point did I feel under pressure to purchase the franchise and I subsequently received excellent advice and support throughout my training and recent launch.

"The training programme is the most thorough and enjoyable I have ever completed and receiving accreditation gave me the reassurance I needed to start my business.

"The on-going support from the Business Development Team and other SmartPA partners ensures there is always someone to help if you require assistance or you just need a bit of moral support.

"During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is becoming accustomed to remote working and the SmartPA model is a fantastic, flexible option for anyone looking to start a rewarding new business that fits in with their lifestyle"


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