Membership History

Provisional Member
Joined 2021

Membership History

Provisional Member
Joined 2021

Company Overview

The Reading Doctor offers bespoke private tutoring for dyslexic children and children with other learning difficulties. Reading Doctor tutoring puts the child’s learning needs at the centre. Private tuition is recognised by the governments National Tuition Programme as being an extremely effective intervention in a student’s learning, with private tuition having the ability to boost progress by three to five months. The Reading Doctor intervention is recognised by OFSTED as being extremely positive and over a period of nine months, on average, raised pupils´ reading ages by nearly two years.

The Reading Doctor was founded in 2012 by Deborah Salsbury. Deborah qualified as a primary school teacher in 1993  and began her teaching career in Bromley, Greater London.  Following her passion and commitment to ensuring access to learning for all, her teaching role developed into specialist group intervention teaching,

Deborah´s relentless drive for ensuring reading success for all, secured her the role as ´ Intervention Lead´. The next step for her professional development was to train with The Institute of Education, London as a Reading Recovery Teacher.

With this new string to her teaching bow and recognising reading as the key to becoming a successful learner, Deborah made the decision in 2012, to focus entirely on the teaching of reading. This saw the beginning of ´The Reading Doctor´.

Deborah reached out to schools with high numbers of disaffected learners and soon became the lead reading teacher at a school for children with behavioural and learning difficulties., whilst building a private tuition practice.

Her passion and drive have ensured the success of several projects including the fundraising and opening of the Reading Garden Room at St Anthony´s School, Cliftonville, Kent.

Having a daughter with dyslexia cemented her belief that all children can succeed with the correct teaching methods and a positive self-image as a learner. Deborah not only teaches reading, but she also teaches self-belief.

Franchise Overview

The award-winning Reading Doctor franchisee programme is a UK based, growing dynamic group of like-minded professional educators with a relentless passion for raising attainment for struggling readers. Potential Reading Doctors have a strong background in education and understand the learning differences and needs of children with barriers to learning. Reading Doctors each possess their own unique skill set and qualities and have a range of experience and skills to bring to the role.

Essential and Preferred Conditions, Qualifications, Competencies for a Reading Doctor:

  • Degree educated
  • Current or ex Teacher, SEN preferred
  • Head of department etc
  • Have a property with room for a classroom
  • DBS checked

All Reading Doctors are loyal to The Reading Doctor Ltd brand and value being part of a supportive group of other professional Reading Doctors. Reading Doctors endeavour to contribute to the ongoing development of the company and work hard to deliver the highest quality service. Reading Doctors share best practice, join our mission, and encourage our values.


The Reading Doctor has a robust training programme, network and structure of people, agencies, online tools and physical resources to set the wheels of your business in motion, in every aspect. We consider these to be essential, so include them in the package.

Full training is given on start-up, the training is divided into modules and is delivered mostly online. Every aspect is covered from the delivery of the intervention to running and marketing your business successfully. Continual Professional Development (CPD) is built into the package with monthly meetings involving guest speakers on a variety of related topics. The Reading Doctor franchise also gives you a subscription to Educare courses, so you can stay abreast of safeguarding issues, special needs in education and other relevant issues.

As a Reading Doctor you will also be given membership of The Tutor´s Association. The Tutors’ Association (TTA) is the only professional membership body for tutoring and the wider supplementary education sector in the UK and is recognised as such by the UK Government.

Becoming a member of The Tutors’ Association signifies a commitment to the profession, and to upholding the highest standards of safeguarding, professional practice and ethical behaviour, supporting members with information, practical tools, CPD and networking opportunities.

Daily Life of a franchisee

The daily life of a Reading Doctor franchisee

Not every day is the same, variety is a wonderful part of The Reading Doctor daily life… but this gives an idea:

-Get up and do the school run

-Time for myself to exercise, have breakfast, pop out for a walk

-Get ready for the day

-Admin time, some or all of the following…

*Catch up on receiving and sending emails and messages

*Gather resources and thoughts ready for teaching my Reading Doctor pupils today

*Begin ticking off the running your own business jobs

*Add a new post to my facebook page

*Catch up on my fellow Reading Doctors facebook pages

*Catch up with Reading Doctor colleagues via work chat

*Tidy the Reading Doctor room

*CPD training in the comfort of my home with a cuppa.

-Into school for 1-1 teaching the Reading Doctor way

-Home to begin teaching via zoom with lots of smiles, amazing personalities and lots of accelerated reading progress

-Another fab Reading Doctor day!

Lisa Tanner, The Reading Doctor Bath

Cath Tolfrey, The Reading Doctor Bromley

A Day in the Life of a Reading Doctor

They say, ‘variety is the spice of life’ and that is certainly true when working as a Reading Doctor as our offering is adaptable to many different environments as well as working face-to-face and via remote learning.  On Monday and Tuesday this week you would have seen me walking into a local mainstream primary school, being greeted by lots of children shouting, ‘Hello Reading Doctor’ across the playground, this always makes me smile! Then, up to my Reading Doctor Mini Hub that I am running for the school, helping their lowest readers to close the reading gap.

Straight after that it was a dash home to be ready to teach pupils from my Reading Room, this week they were all face-to-face, but I often alternate between online and face to face lessons.  The latter part of the week saw me once again arriving at school but this time a provision for children and young adults with complex special needs working with my older students aged 11 – 25 and vulnerable young people.

Working with students with a diverse range of specific learning differences such as Autism and ADHD is wonderfully rewarding and knowing that I can improve their reading skills and in turn their life chances is something I feel privileged to be able to do.  Another dash home from there and it is a packed schedule, often until 7.30pm in the evening.  A quick check each night into our ‘virtual staffroom’ is a must. Twice a week I do my social media admin, as I call it, keeping my business online and sharing the rewards of my work.  I love the flexibility I have around my business, the ability to choose my hours and my longer working days mid-week mean that I have my weekends free.

"The Reading Doctor gives you everything you could wish for from a small franchise and much more. The business set up is extremely professional and arrives with everything you could possibly need and lots you didn’t know you needed! Resources are of exceptional quality and tailor-made, ensuring success at every turn. So many children struggle to learn to read and I feel very lucky to have found within The Reading Doctor Ltd others who share the same ethos, passion and commitment to change lives."

Katy Diamond-Jalloh, The Reading Doctor Whitstable

The experience of setting up the franchise has far exceeded my expectations. The support from the founder has been exceptional. The Reading Doctor Handbook details both the business fundamentals and essential information needed to deliver bespoke Reading Doctor sessions for your pupils, supported by high-quality resources. Although this is a business

opportunity, The Reading Doctor is implicit in their search for individuals with the right ethos and passion for helping children overcome difficulties and develop as confident readers.


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