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Company Overview

The Time For You Franchise was established in 2001 and currently has over 150 UK franchises. The franchisees own and operate their own domestic cleaning business in an exclusive territory and follow a proven business model and methodology. Our franchisees benefit from a recurring income stream generated by regular clients.

Franchise Overview

The Time For You Franchise was established by the founders Ruth & Freddie Rayner in 2001. The business and it’s franchise base quickly grew and currently has over 150 franchisee nationwide as well as overseas operations in Australia and Europe.

Their son Sam has recently taken over as Managing Director of the company as is aiming to improve all aspects of the franchise. Time For You develops it’s own franchise management software and apps for the franchisees exclusive use and the Time For You Website generates over 18,000 leads for it’s franchisees every year.

The current ambition is to continue the steady growth of the franchise and they are aiming for near full coverage of the UK within 5 years.


Training is a vital part of the culture at Time For You. Not only do new franchisees get 3 in house days of training when they begin their journey. They have recently introduced a tailored Business Development Support Package from their in-house Business Development Manager to assist franchisees through their first year and beyond.

Ongoing training is always available at Time For You. The internal franchise forum is a place where franchisees can access live webinars (or surgeries as we call them), video and downloadable how to guides and in-person events such as the nationwide roadshows and Annual Conference.

Daily Life of a franchisee

The Time For You business model is simple and effective. Franchisees will be responsible firstly for marketing their territory to generate client and cleaners leads. The franchisee is responsible for lead management and will contact clients who enquire about the services provided and interview potential cleaners for the jobs.

The franchisees will use the TFYHUB, the franchise management system developed by Time For You to manage the administration of their clients and cleaners and will be expected to provide excellent customer service in all aspects of their business.

Assam Saddiq • Time For You Lincolnshire

Never Miss Out On Quality Time Again!

My nephew (Shahid) and I joined Time For You back in 2015. As clichéd as it may sound, we were looking for a better work/life balance! I was working full-time as a teacher and most of my time was being taken up marking and lesson planning.

My commute, of a daily two hour return trip, meant I was leaving home early in the morning and returning very late in the evening. I only just about had time to put my children to bed; I was missing out on quality time with them.

I was introduced to Time For You and the idea of being able to work from home, and having the flexibility to work and manage my time around my family, was an opportunity too good to be missed. The income we could potentially earn was also great.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were on target to reach 200 clients. I am confident to say that once things start to improve we will reach our goal. We are very proud of belonging to the Time For You family and being business owners.

Joining Time For You was certainly one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Assam Saddiq • Time For You Lincolnshire

Ian & Amanda Thompson • Time For You Amersham

Life After Redundancy

Before Time For You, I worked for the John Lewis Partnership for 30 years, from the age of 16, originally part-time whilst still at school. In 2010, during a department restructure, I was offered voluntary redundancy. After some serious consideration, I decided to accept the redundancy and look for a new way to make an income. My main reason for looking for something else was to try and improve my work/life balance with an income that could offer me flexibility.

I spent a lot of time looking at different types of franchises, in different industries. I decided on Time for You and, after trading for one year, our income was good enough for my wife to give up her job and join me to run the growing franchise.

For me, the main benefit of Time For You is having your own business to run, with the support of Head Office if you need it - but without interference, if you don't want it.

Being able to work from home is also a great advantage, especially when you have school-aged children at home. As long as we have a mobile phone and an internet connection, we can work from anywhere! This has allowed us to increase the number of holidays we have taken, even if some of these have been working holidays.

I would never recommend something to a friend if I wasn't 100% confident it would work for them - to the extent that one of my sons has been a Time For You franchisee for the past five years. I would not risk that if I didn't believe in the franchise!

Ian & Amanda Thompson • Time For You Amersham

Ralph and Hazel Watson • Time For You Fife

It is without a doubt the best business decision we have ever made

We are Ralph and Hazel Watson. We have been self-employed for the past 20 years. Our first successful venture was a carpet and upholstery business which we built up over 10 years.

Although it gave us a relatively good lifestyle, it was very much hands on physical work and consumed a lot of our time.

As time went on, we started to look at other business models namely the domestic cleaning sector as a lot of our repeat clients from our carpet cleaning business started to ask us if we knew anyone who provided such a service.

We looked in to several franchises and Time for You being one of them. After meeting 3 different Franchisors it was a no brainer to go with Freddie and Ruth @ Time for You. The package they offer and the business model was exactly what we were looking for. It was head and shoulders above the other options.

We started our training in January 2005 and buy the end of that month we got our first client by doing exactly what we had been trained to do.

Our main focus for marketing was leafleting as online and social media marketing was virtually non-existent. The clients came in as predicted and within 18 months we hit our first milestone of 100 clients at this point we decided to sell our carpet cleaning company and give our full focus on Time for You.

We had 2 young children and Time For You gave us more free time to spend with our kids and take them to and from school and never miss a special occasion.

Since 2010 - 2020 we grew our business to 570 clients which grossed us roughly £140,000 per annum. As you can imagine it has given us a tremendous lifestyle allowing us to enjoy great holidays and special times with family and friends. This all being done with myself and Hazel from home with no additional staff.

The resilience of Time for You has proven itself over the 15 years we have owned the Fife franchise. Coming through the housing crash in 2008 and now during a global pandemic.

We could not have done this without it being such an excellent business model and help from head office and team.

It is without a doubt the best business decision we have ever made and would recommend the franchise to anyone.

Ralph and Hazel Watson • Time For You Fife

Justin Knight • Time For You Bristol

Banking on new beginnings

Before buying my Time For You franchise, I was a regional manager working for a large UK bank. Following yet another restructure, I decided to take voluntary redundancy.

I was keen to either be my own boss or find another position within the industry.

After attending interviews and looking into business opportunities, I found the Time For You franchise advert.

I called Freddie Rayner (Managing Director, Time For You) for a chat and have never looked back!

When you're looking at a business opportunity, there are many areas to consider: will it work, will the returns be enough to live on, will I find the people I need to help run the business, etc?

Luckily I had found a very established and long standing business, where consistent reasonable effort provides excellent returns.

It's a great benefit that you are your own boss and you can work flexibly and remotely.

You are helping people and, in some cases, this help and support is absolutely essential.

We have a great support network and can easily liaise via technology with other franchisees. Oh, and did I say, the income is great! :)

It's surprising how lovely people can be and how unreasonable people can be! It's just part of being in business and it certainly keeps it entertaining, as you do get to meet and work with such a huge variety of people.

Justin Knight • Time For You Bristol

Phile Wright • Time For You Stoke-On-Trent

Needed a change from banking

I was going nowhere with my banking career. I had reached a plateau of my earnings, but was expected to constantly strive to achieve ever increasing sales targets. I felt worn out.

I then read an advert for Time For You in a franchise magazine and it looked really interesting, so I applied for a prospectus.

I liked what I read, but being sceptical I decided to contact some existing franchisees, 27 in fact! All of whom were really happy and positive.

I joined too. Time For You has changed my life for the better. I am now a proud business owner with a great work / life balance. The day to day work is easy to follow and operate. The system really does work. Now I am happy, especially as I have increased.

My previous income by 100% with just a few hours worked. I would recommend this franchise to anyone with a genuine desire for a better to improve their lot in life.

Phile Wright • Time For You Stoke-On-Trent

Paul Barrett • Time For You Portsmouth

Cleaning Is A Safe Business

In 2013, I was a frontline Police Officer. After 15 years of service, and continuous budget cuts resulting in more dangerous working conditions, I felt demotivated. I was working so hard - for little or no recognition. I knew that if I worked as hard for myself, I could be successful.

I looked at a number of franchise opportunities before speaking to Freddie Rayner, Managing Director of Time For You. As soon as we met, I knew it was the right opportunity. Cleaning is never going to go out of fashion!

To start with, my partner and I worked alongside our full time jobs. It was hard work - but nothing good comes easily! Plus we wanted a big business, we didn't want to 'play' at it.

By 2019, we reached the staggering statistic of cleaning more than 1,000 homes every single week, with a large office team taking care of the day-to-day running! We were so proud of this achievement, and felt like 'real business people'!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have lost a number of clients. We are back to around 500 clients and are pushing to get back to 1,000 and beyond. Business is mindset: if you think you can, you will. Having seen many local businesses close during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, cleaning is one of the safest industries you can be in.

Paul Barrett • Time For You Portsmouth

Dominique & Oliver Bailhache • Time For You Exeter

It's a Family Affair

Before Time For You, my husband, Ollie, ran his own tree surgery business and I ran my own freelance PA business. We have both always enjoyed the self-employed option but, as we began to think about having children, my PA business did not seem to be flexible enough to imagine balancing both. It was very much 9-5 work, with long periods on the phone.

We chose Time For You because, for two years, I worked as a freelance PA for another Time For You franchisee and saw how flexible and profitable it was. I also really enjoyed the work. It was a no-brainer for us to buy the Exeter franchise as I could really see how it would fit well with having young children.

For us, the main benefit has to be being able to fit work around the children. It's also fantastic to be able to be on a dog walk with the family during the week, standing in the middle of a field, texting cleaners and clients, while enjoying family time! It's great being able to make the business our own, with the support of a larger company.

We're surprised about what has come from the business: the happiness we get from our work, the noticeable difference we see from having some disposable income and the different opportunities that have arisen from it. This is very motivational and satisfying: we really feel we're achieving something.

Dominique & Oliver Bailhache • Time For You Exeter

Daniel Tidswell • Time For You Preston

Be Your Own Boss

I was formerly a policeman and then a teacher. My wife, Joanne, also worked in education as a child safeguarding officer. As parents, we really wanted a greater work/life balance. I liked the idea of working for myself - and the fact that you get a financial reward for the effort you put in. In previous careers, everyone gets the same no matter how hard they work.

I did have some initial concerns: mostly that we would not be good enough. I also worried if we'd be able to get enough clients… I did my research, though. I rang around current franchisees (about 50 of them) and from that I deduced that the model worked consistently. I figured that if I followed the model there was no reason to suggest it wouldn't work for me. I can now confidently say that it does work!

For us, the main benefits are the work/life balance and the financial reward. And being your own boss! We were surprised by the speed in which the business grew: Jo was able to leave work within three months. By then we could cover costs and pay her MORE than her current job.

I would always recommend Time For You. It has literally changed our lives on multiple levels.

Daniel Tidswell • Time For You Preston

Chris and Jenny Thompson • Time For You Luton & Stevenage

Prison officers to business owners

I could see for myself exactly how TFY was changing my dad's life for the better when he became a franchisee after he was made redundant after 25 years working for John Lewis partnership.

My wife and I were both unhappy working for the prison service as the hours were long and we worked different shifts. Our life was all work and very little play. We wanted a family and a normal life too.

We joined Time For You as franchise owners in Luton. Now we have a great life and can spend time with our three young children, we just could not have done this previously.

The support and advice we get from Freddie and ruth and other franchisees have been invaluable.

More recently we bought another area & expanded into Stevange, our business is just great. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to call me in person.

Chris and Jenny Thompson • Time For You Luton & Stevenage


Falkirk: £72,995  – Lesley Spence

The Falkirk branch covers FK postcodes – Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire areas. The company has been established for 9 years and from a standing start now has around 300 cleaning hours per week, delivered by 36 hardworking cleaners. It has a regular, established, contracted client base, covering weekly and fortnightly cleaning.

Having built the business up, the owner has reaped the rewards of their hard work and advertising and has been able to run the business on a part-time basis over the past few years.  The business currently has low outgoings, which has resulted in a high net profit of 75%, over the last 2 years.  A new owner will be making a profit, immediately, on taking over the business and enjoying the recurring income, from the 100+ clients the business currently has.

The business also has great growth potential with many new enquiries, every week, and whilst the current owner maintains the business at its current size, to suit their lifestyle, it also has the potential to become a 6 figure profit making business.

With the current owner now planning to retire, this is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to have a better work life balance, with a flexible, lifestyle business, which can be worked from home or anywhere the owner chooses. The new owner will be joining an established and supportive brand: a comprehensive handover of the business, will be provided by the current owner.

Birmingham North: £54,750 – Andy Pitt

The Birmingham North area consists of around 155,000 chimney pots (not including businesses) and operates within 13 postcodes. We currently operate with just under 30 fantastic cleaners and between them they do over 200 hours of cleaning per week.

Our clients vary from elderly singles, elderly couples, stay at home Mom’s and now to the new working from home professionals. My longest served client is Janet in Erdington who signed up in March 2014 and has paid me £126.75 per quarter since then to date. That equates to £4,563 for one single visit! This is genuine residual income!

With my Franchising background being on the board of Directors of The British Franchise Association I looked in-depth at the “Time For You” franchise to discover a brilliant business concept that really does work! If you put in the effort.

This franchise area is set up as a limited company, so a handover transition will be smooth, and simple for someone to continue to build this business. There are finance options available to you to assist you with the purchase of this area and my reason for moving on is purely one of I am now retiring.

Grantham & Sleaford: £50,000 – Karen Mangieri

The franchise area of Grantham, Sleaford & Newark is now available for resale due to the sellers relocating. Now an established well known business in this area after 3 years of continuous local marketing .

We are a Limited company with 144 clients who have a weekly or fortnightly clean, a team of 25 regular cleaners and a turnover just shy of 50k per annum.

The business has enormous potential for growth in this area and the Time For You Franchisor invests fully in the success of each of its franchisees helping them to prosper to their fullest potential.

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