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Membership History

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Company Overview

Total Clean has operated in the commercial cleaning sector for over 25 years and enjoys a 95% client retention rate. This amazing longevity and success is based on an unrelenting commitment to service excellence and an obsessive attention to detail. Among its many longstanding clients, it has the privilege of enjoying one client from the very first week of operation.

Franchise Overview

Total Clean started franchising in 2013. We offer a complete turnkey business opportunity. In return for your initial investment you will receive everything you require to hit the ground running and power your new business.

Our franchisees operate from their home where they are able to maintain a high-value service without the burden of unnecessary operating costs.


Total Clean is a company dedicated to building strong long-term relationships with our customers and we have transferred this to our franchise model. We offer a comprehensive training programme, designed to deliver all the elements required to develop and run the franchise successfully.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Our franchisees operate from home, where they are able to maintain a high value service without the burden of unnecessary operating costs. They manage a team of locally-based cleaning operatives, which increases in size as new contracts are won in their dedicated territories.

Franchisees win customers by developing close relationships within their local business community and by carrying out marketing and sales activities, with the support of the franchisor. Once contracts are won, franchisees will carry out spot-checks to ensure our high level of quality and service is maintained and discuss cleaning requirements with clients.


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Phillip Webb

Phillip Webb became the second Total Clean franchisee. He recently finished his training and is now well prepared to start operating his management franchise in Maidenhead.

Phillip spent his career in the financial products industry working in a wide range of areas including loans, car leasing, insurance products and mortgages; the latter of which occupying the last 13 years. Prior to that, he spent some time in the cleaning industry which has influenced his recent decision to start a new endeavour in franchising.

He says: “For me the appeal of franchising is the ability to tap into the knowledge of those who have been there and done it in a particular industry. It's good to run your own business but at the same time nice to be a part of something and interact with like-minded people. Also, the knowledge that the franchise company needs me to be successful in order for them to be successful is a good leveller.

“Almost every business is a people business and my reason for choosing Total Clean was based around the people. Fiona Steels, the franchise development manager, clearly has the franchise concept nailed given her background and I don't think there is much that Carlos, the managing director, doesn't know about the cleaning business!

“The concept is also easy to understand and the market is not going away anytime soon. I also think that the Total Clean franchise gives incredible value for money compared to other franchises that I've seen and that the potential is there to grow a proper leveraged business and not some day-to-day consultancy that stops earning every time you take a day off or go on holiday.”

Eric White

Eric White, an ex-wholesale bakery manager, became the proud owner of the Total Clean Manchester franchise in March 2014. Eric began looking for a new opportunity before even leaving his last and Total Clean stood out to him as the right opportunity. With previous background in operations and management, he was confident that he possessed the core skills needed to operate a Total Clean management franchise.

“I decided to leave my previous position because I wanted more control of my future,” Eric says. “I looked at various other franchises before deciding on Total Clean. I knew I didn’t want to operate a van franchise, so I spoke to a variety of other types of franchisors. Total Clean seemed more attractive than the others to me and, although they are a young franchise, their business model is proven and their franchise model is very well designed. They came across as very professional and helpful, so it was a clear decision for me.”

Since launching in May 2014, Eric has made an amazing start by winning contracts well ahead of his personalised business plan. Additionally, managing his own business is delivering the added benefits of time to spend with his wife, grown up children and his grandchildren as well as his beloved golf.

He continues: “I chose Total Clean because I wanted to benefit from a proven business model and guidance from people who have done it before and know what they are talking about. I didn’t consider any other cleaning franchises apart from Total Clean – the decision just felt right to me. Knowing that I would save on overheads because you don’t need any premises was another deciding factor for me.

“I heard about franchising through a Google search when I started looking for a new business opportunity. Once I’d started looking into Total Clean it only took me four weeks to decide to buy my franchise – it was just the right decision for me!

“For my training I spent five days at head office in London and learnt about the business model, how to operate the business and the correct cleaning methods. I also attended a training course at BICSc ( British Institute of Cleaning Science) so I felt prepared when it was time to go it alone and operate my business by myself.

“My advice to anyone looking at buying a franchise is to look at all the possibilities that are available to you and make sure that it’s definitely something you want to do and you will enjoy. A franchise is a big investment so you need to make sure it’s something that you can do for the long-term.

“I want to build a successful business that will be profitable and secure. I also want to bring in my family members to the business to help out and to help them with their futures.”

Duncan Whitehead

Duncan Whitehead became part of the Total Clean franchise team in May 2014 and is now the proud owner of Total Clean Blackpool. Duncan worked in the police force for 22 years and worked across a number of specialist and interesting divisions from the rank of constable rising to sergeant. He had been looking for a new business opportunity alongside retiring and found Total Clean to be the best fit for him. His experience, coupled with a masters degree in business leadership and management, meant Duncan was well equipped to run a successful Total Clean management franchise business.

“I left the police because I was looking for a fresh challenge and I had some money to cash in from previous investments so I started looking at franchising opportunities. I started looking at my next steps alongside retiring from the police.

“I knew about franchising already through McDonald’s because I knew a few people who had looked at franchising with them. I did look at another franchise 12 months ago but after doing a bit of research, I decided that it didn’t fit my skillset so I waited and researched a few more franchises before I settled on one.

“I chose franchising purely for the support in setting up the business. It’s a tough business environment at the moment and, after researching, I found that franchise success rates are much higher than start-up businesses. With support and investment in a franchise you are much more likely to succeed than starting up on your own. I didn’t know much about cleaning but I had a basic understanding of how a business operates so I felt that franchising was the best option for me and much less risky than starting up on my own.

“Right from the off, Total Clean were extremely professional, I felt like I was part of a family and the team have been completely honest and open with me. Total Clean stood out from the other franchises I had looked at. I did look at other cleaning franchises but once I’d spoken to Fiona, I was happy that Total Clean was the right fit for me. It was just one of those good feeling things that I find has helped me throughout my career!

“For my training, I spent a week in London with Simon Youngs looking at the business management system. I also spent time with Carlos who went through all the proper cleaning methods with me. I did a training course at the British Institute of Cleaning Science and went on training courses in the use of machinery in cleaning floors. The training was comprehensive and prepared me for my new business venture. Whilst I won’t be doing the cleaning myself, I need to be able to train my team of cleaners to maintain the Total Clean standard!

“I’ve also spoken to other members of Total Clean every day since I began my training. The support package has been excellent and Total Clean has done everything they can to put me on the road to earning money. I’ve already been awarded three cleaning contracts plus other ad-hoc work and I’m well on my way to securing more so I’m well on my way to building a successful business already!

“My advice to anyone looking to buy a franchise would be to research the market and the franchisor. Be open and honest with yourself about the commitment required. You will be supported as much as physically possible but you will only be as successful as the amount of time and effort you put in. If you’re investing money in a business, no matter how much support you get, the business will only perform to its optimum if you throw yourself completely into it. The support just takes away the pressure and stress that would have been involved in setting up by yourself.

“Over the next five years, I plan to keep growing my business and I’m hoping to take on another territory to widen my business territory a bit further. I hope to build a successful business that I can leave to members of my family when I retire.”

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