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Membership History

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Joined 2021

Company Overview

Total Sports Coaching’s (TSC) aim is to help every individual reach their potential through sport. We aim to do this in many ways: providing an environment; experiences; pathways and access to experts in the sporting field.

We achieve this by offering a range of coaching and education programmes that involve multi-sport based school and community programmes. Our sports coaching programmes are designed to help children’s personal development through values-based coaching, to encourage them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and fall in love with playing sport.

As well as this, we also offer more specialist coaching through our academies programme, which includes our football and rugby academies. Our academy programmes are sport specific and are led by coaches who specialise in delivering a particular sport. This opens up a wide range of new programmes and services that we can offer customers who want to develop in a chosen sporting field, alongside our schools based multi-sport programme.

TSC provide our own specialist Physical Education curriculum as well as an academy curriculum designed by experts in their field.

Franchise Overview

Established in 2010 to deliver football coaching and schools multi-sports sessions, TSC has grown throughout the South-East and now offers the opportunity for people to work full time in sport. TSC now delivers to thousands of people every week by offering a wide variety of services designed to help our franchisees become successful.

Our franchise opportunity offers a wide variety of revenue streams ranging from school based to community based, allowing you as a franchisee to offer services seven days a week at any time of the day. On top of these, TSC also offer Academy programmes – currently in Football and Rugby but plans are in place to expand into other sports. These specialist programmes can run at any time and allows you to work within your specialist area.

Currently, our Football Academy is our flagship programme, with sessions designed for children aged 18 months old up to walking football for ages 65+. As you can see, the diversity of our programmes allows a franchise to run seven days a week, utilising different coaches with differing specialisms to create an inclusive and adaptable offering. All the while allowing you to lead the lifestyle you want as a franchise owner.

At TSC we believe that in order to be successful we must help our franchisees become successful, so our focus is on developing our team of franchisees and working together to increase the power of our franchise network.

You can design your franchise around your needs and motivations as an individual, some of our franchisees are very hands on and want to coach every day, on the other hand some of our franchisees just manage their coaching team to help them have more of a work-life balance.

We have built a business in a box. Everything you need including systems that help you manage your website event listings, staffing and human resources, marketing and financial analysis is ready to go and at your disposal.  As well as this, a TSC franchise can help the right individuals run a profitable business that can help them achieve the lifestyle they want, whilst working in sport full time.


All TSC franchisees will receive extensive initial and ongoing training to help their business run efficiently and achieve growth. Training is delivered by people who have themselves, successfully grown and developed TSC businesses. Alongside this you will benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of the other franchisees in the network.

Your initial 5-day training programme will cover everything you need to launch your business and help to implement a bespoke launch strategy for your area. You will be guided through the TSC operational systems as well as the models for marketing, recruitment, and sales.

You will receive constant ongoing training, including:

Ability to book in a weekly meeting with the Managing Director

Monthly meetings with your franchise manager

Business growth days with the franchise network

Courses and webinars

1 to 1 business visits

Annual franchise conference

TSC is only as successful as its franchisees, so we will do all we can to help you improve your business, as well as learning from our own franchise network.

Daily Life of a franchisee

You can run your franchise in different ways, depending on your background, motivations, and reasons for running a franchise, so this will affect how your typical day will look.

Some of our franchisees like to get out and coach each day, some prefer to work alongside their coaches to develop their staff, some prefer to work from home and co-ordinate their coaching team. These are all options for our franchisees.

The typical daily responsibilities of the franchisee are to organise the coaching team and the sessions that are going to be delivered based around one of our curriculums, the priority is making sure our delivery for our customers is excellent every session. Each day will involve some social media or promotional activity to keep your franchise growing and progressing. A huge part of TSC’s success has been building positive relationships in your area with schools, local community groups, families, and other businesses, so each franchisee will need to dedicate some time to these activities. Your main role will be leading the business operations so that you can achieve your overall strategy which will be designed with head office, to help you achieve your goals.

We believe all our franchisees should concentrate on building a great team around them, this will give you the time to lead your business. We also understand that our franchisees may not be experts in all areas of social media, marketing, coaching, promotion etc. So, we encourage them to recruit the right people to work around you each day who can take on some of those responsibilities.


Craig owns our Swale Franchise and has run the district for nearly two years, in his first year he has a turnover of over £60’000 and is still growing the business in his area.

“I got involved through TSC as a coach for 2/3 years down in the Thanet area where I became a head coach. After gaining experience of coaching with school sports partnerships and as an academy coach at Gillingham Football Club. In my time coaching I completed a number of courses with the main ones being my degree in Physical Education and Physical Activity as well as gaining my UEFA B licence.

The best part of franchising with TSC was that I was able to do what I love closer to home and to be able to run a business in doing so made it even better. It feels good to run your own business as you can have your own perspective on how you want things to run, the type of people you want to work for you and the relationships you create with schools and the community. In the next 5 years I would like to hopefully be on my way to becoming the biggest provider of Physical Activity and Physical Education in Swale, as well as having an established staff team which has a positive reputation in both schools and the community.

The benefits are having a lot of things set up and ready for you to use straight away, there isn’t much that you need to create to be able to run the business which saves you time that can spent on growing the business. Along with the clear guides on how to run sessions, create new sessions and so on.”


Tom runs the Canterbury area of our franchise and has run this area for nearly 2 years, the area is growing steadily as Tom creates more links and partnerships with schools.

“I first heard about TSC through a friend who was already working for them and I wanted to get in to football/sports coaching. After a few years of working with TSC I decided to invest in a franchise in my local area. Running your own business gives you a sense of independence and allows you to be in charge of your hours. You have control over what you want to do and any work you do is for the benefit of your business.

One of the benefits of franchising with TSC is knowing that support is there for you. I have never run a business before, so this is a new venture for me but everything you need is available. Session ideas, how to run payroll, the lot.


Everything is there for you and you have support when you need it. Knowing that TSC conduct themselves in a professional manner and offer customers quality be that in terms of session content, business advice”



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