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Membership History

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Joined 2009

Company Overview

Granite and Trend Transformations provide renovation solutions to home-owners who want to update their kitchen and bathroom. Our distinctive “Top That Fits On Top” provides customers with a quick, mess free solution, updating tired kitchens and bathrooms and leaving them looking new.

With focus on impeccable design, superior products, unparalleled service and sustainable practices our global franchise network completes over 7,500 renovations per month and franchisees annual sales exceed £191 million.

We manufacture, fabricate and install our own products and with access to a bespoke range including engineered stone and glass tiles our franchisees are uniquely positioned in the market place.

Franchise Overview

Since the company’s inception twenty years ago significant changes have been made. We have updated our offering allowing us to renovate every part of a customer’s kitchen and bathroom, from worktops through to bath/shower conversions.

Granite and Trend Transformations is a hands-on business. The franchise owner’s role is to establish an impressive showroom or concession in an approved location and project manage a team of sales and technical staff in delivering a customer’s dream renovation.

The franchise owner is in total control of every single part of the business but will benefit from the support and advice from the franchisor and their dedicated team.

The Investment

It costs just £28,700 + VAT to buy a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise. You will also need funds to open your fabrication workshop, showroom and for working capital, which takes the total investment to c. £123,300. Given the proven success of our business model and with over 24 years of trading, the banks look favourably upon investors looking to join our brand.  Our long-standing relationships with the banks / lenders, means you can secure finance for up to 70% of the investment required, subject to their usual credit assessment.


We have structured a comprehensive training programme covering every aspect of the business, designed to fast-track you through all the technical, sales, financial and standard operating procedures.

The initial training will be a one-week residential course with further field training for the franchisee and their team. Additional field support and business coaching including regular meetings with our Franchise Advisory Support Team will ensure your business plan and forecast stay on track.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Many of our franchisees are couples and enter the business with clearly defined roles, one looking after the sales and technical side and the other administration, finance and marketing.

Most sales will take place in the customers home via a prearranged appointment, generally one in two of these will result in a sale. Once the sale has been agreed a member of your technical team will template the job and return to install our unique product.

It is possible to join our network as a single owner and in this situation a salesperson or office manager will be required.

Helen & David Thomas

Dynamic duo: our franchise journey as a couple

Husband and wife team, Helen and David Thomas, had been working together in France for 10 years, so when they decided to make the move back to the UK, they knew that their double act would continue in their new business. Helen explains how choosing the right franchise gave them the kick-start they needed when hopping back over the channel.

“Our children had started to fly the nest and our business in France had become frustrating with the bureaucracy and high taxation, so we decided to move back to the UK. We wanted a business that would harness our existing skills and, having looked at franchises in France, we knew that the support of a good franchise would give us an extra helping hand.

“I have a background in administration and David used to work in telecoms before we moved to France. We had always renovated our own properties in the UK and David already had qualifications in bricklaying and plastering so we moved out to France to start our building and renovation business. We wanted to continue doing what we were good at and, although we had looked at franchises in retail and a coffee shop franchise, we decided to focus on franchises that would renovate kitchens and bathrooms. We had the luxury of spending two years researching the franchises available but, once we got to this point, Granite Transformations was the only real contender.”

The franchise provides a unique franchise business opportunity in the fast-expanding home improvements market. We offer quality-minded homeowners an extensive choice of makeover solutions, without the demolition, debris and disruption associated with conventional kitchen and bathroom installations. Our exclusive ‘top that fits on top’ concept allows our beautiful, high grade work surfaces to be fitted directly over existing worktops, tiled walls and other finishes, eliminating the need for demolition, shortening the project timescale and reducing costs.

Meeting the support team

“We enquired through the company website, spoke to some of the team and then were invited to spend a day at head office with Danny Hanlon, the Chief Operating Officer for Europe & North America. Granite Transformations, under the parent manufacturer TREND, is a global franchise with major operations in Australia and North America.

“We began to like the business more and more and were impressed that Danny was still so passionate about it years after he joined the business. The head office staff were another element that made us feel the franchise was well set up and solid.”

The franchise gives you the chance to run a business enterprise from sales and design consultation, through measuring up and manufacturing, to installation and customer service. Few other franchises give you quite the same opportunity to handle complete projects from beginning to end, meet with customers in their own homes, and take such pride in the quality of each job and the genuine pleasure it brings. And none involve the distinctive makeover products you’ll find with TREND.

Setting up our business

“We’re originally from the Wirral and when we were shown the free territories that we could establish our business in we had just a couple of prerequisites – we didn’t want to be in London and we wanted to be near to the coast. Whilst we hadn’t necessarily wanted to settle back in the Wirral, we decided to take the Wirral and Chester territory as it gave us a great scope for expansion and our knowledge of the area could only be a bonus.

“We completed our initial training three months before we could fit out our factory location so it was great to then receive a lot more support when our doors finally opened for business in August 2014. We chose to have our showroom in a separate location with plenty of regular footfall and so opened our first 7 ½ square metre site in a garden centre.

“Our initial projections were guided by the head office team and we took orders on our opening day!  After eight months of trading, we found time to review our position. Head office arranged special rates with a business consultant at Winning Pitch and this really gave us focus and structure to move forward.”

Our first year trading

“We had a great first year and this has been the catalyst for us to expand. Our first 12 months trading turnover was over £400k, we smashed our projected business plan by 18% and we employ two fitters, two fabricators and one full-time equivalent in our garden centre showroom. We opened a second garden centre showroom in year two and our aim is to create a showroom within our factory site.

“Our ultimate goal is to make a million of course! We’re a long way off retirement and what we really want is a business to enjoy and run long term without the headaches we found with our business in France. We’re certainly enjoying it and the continued head office support limits the headaches. We’ve been able to take a break at Christmas and we can bring our two friendly dogs into the office who sleep under the desk most of the time.”

Moving with the times

Granite Transformations is undergoing a rebrand roll out programme for the next three years across all its franchise locations worldwide. The business started as a kitchen worktop replacement service over 20 years ago but their range of surfaces and tiles has expanded so far that for several years they have been doing complete kitchen and bathroom renovations as well as other projects in both residential and commercial spaces. Their latest developments in cutting-edge techniques and designs has resulted in rapid growth for the organisation and its stakeholders and, from January 2017, new showrooms will be known as TREND Transformations.

Creating the new TREND showroom

“As our franchise locations have been doing great over the last three years we have decided to expand once again. It made sense for us to be involved in the rebranding process because it is an opportunity to grow the business and offer our clients more product choices. This will be our third showroom and it will be joined to our fabrication factory in Ellesmere Port. This showroom is a much bigger space than our other garden centre location - approximately 102 square metres. We are trying to emulate what they do over in America but, as with most things in the USA, they often do things bigger and better. Our displays will differ to theirs slightly but the point is to make it as similar as possible to keep the brand uniform identifiable. The idea behind joining the showroom and fabrication unit together means the bigger space will allow us to display all the new products that we are getting including the beautiful Orsoni mosaic tiles.

“Both of our garden centre location showrooms will be given a facelift making soft changes in terms of signage and colour displays to make the transition to TREND Transformations. Because the showrooms are in busy areas and people know us and what we do, we will do a soft campaign about the changes to assure our customers that we are still the same company with same great customer service. We are not planning a huge campaign on this as the main focus is on the new showroom.”

Investing in our future

“The cost of the expansion is currently projected at between £60,000 to £62,000. This figure might change - with construction nothing is guaranteed. But two weeks into the project everything seems to be going well. This is a huge investment for our business and we hope to make a good return from it.  Head office has been extremely supportive and it’s been key to our expansion and success as franchisees. They have been involved in terms of finance, construction and design. They are 100% involved in this project and it makes it easier for us.

“To spread the word about our rebrand to TREND Transformations, we are going to contact our previous customers who can recommend us by word of mouth. We’ll have two openings - a soft opening and then something formal where we can invite the local mayor. We can follow that with a longer launch campaign which we can run for a couple of months.

“I hope the new showroom will be a space where our customers can realise their dreams of home improvements, be it kitchen or bathroom. We’ve completed projects all over Liverpool, North Wales, the Wirral and North Cheshire and I hope that, whether our visitors are families, architects or designers, everyone will enjoy time in our lifestyle design studio.”

Jamie & Sharon Curtis

Jamie and Sharon are among some of our newer franchisees and are already making a big name for themselves with excellent sales and brand awareness. Their dedication to building their new business and their truly innovative ideas, make them the perfect example of what has made Granite & TREND so successful.

Before joining the franchise, the husband and wife team both enjoyed successful careers working for others: Jamie in a number of senior sales and management roles and Sharon as a teacher. Most of their working lives have been spent in London but they eventually decided the big city wasn’t where they saw their future any more. Jamie took up his employer’s offer to relocate to his native Bristol area several years ago but when the company downsized and he was given the choice of redundancy or moving back to London, he decided it was time to forge his own path. Like many people, the pandemic gave Jamie and Sharon plenty of time to think about the changes they wanted to make in their lives, as well as the impetus and energy to make those changes happen.

“I knew that if I wanted to be a success without going back to London, I had to make it happen for myself”, Jamie told us. “My dad ran his own home improvement business for most of his life and the idea of working for myself has always appealed to me. However, that also means I appreciate just how much hard work is involved, which is why the idea of franchising with Granite & TREND was so attractive. I know all about sales and marketing but nothing about accounts and operations etc, which is where all the support and training of a franchise comes in”

Jamie and Sharon first approached the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise late in 2020 and didn’t waste any time, despite all the challenges the country was still facing. They opened their new business just a few months later and had their very first installation booked in April 2021. Since then, they have achieved incredible things, breaking through £70k in sales in July 2022, exceeding even our high expectations of them.

Jamie’s father visited the showroom and workshop recently and admitted he was impressed. By working together with a brand like Granite & TREND Transformations, you can immediately tap into an established business model with all the technical know-how and high-end products that come with it. Unlike going it alone, you can access the kind of experience and expertise that would otherwise take decades to attain.

“Even though Granite & TREND Transformations was one of the first franchises I looked at, the idea of franchising wasn’t new to me. I’d already seen it work really well for a number of my clients in the past. I had a few options on the table but this franchise was the perfect balance between investment cost and the benefits it could offer. It was also much more in line with the kind of industry I wanted to work in.”

“Trust is so important to customers when it comes to their kitchens and bathrooms. They are always asking us: how long have you been in business? While we have only been open a little while, when we tell them we have Granite & TREND’s 25+ years of experience behind us, they know we are a business they can count on.”

So, the franchise was an easy sell for Jamie but what did his wife and now business partner, Sharon, first make of the opportunity?

“After 20 years in teaching, I had been looking for a change too,” Sharon told us. “I’m a lot less of a risk taker than Jamie, so I balanced out some of his enthusiasm with practical concerns. However, it didn’t take long to win me around and it’s been great to get stuck into a new challenge.”

Jamie and Sharon’s new business has continued to go from strength to strength and their latest initiative, a mobile showroom, shows just how ambitious and forward-thinking they are about taking things to the next level.

“There’s a lot of competition out there,” Jamie explains. “With Granite & TREND Transformations behind us we’ve been able to show that we are doing something different. Not only do all our surfaces have a much greater reputation for being hard-wearing and durable but we also offer the choice of having a new kitchen or bathroom without needing to rip out the old one. That’s usually more affordable but the environmentally-friendly aspect is a big deal for customers these days too.”

“I never thought I’d be that guy who would jump around and whoop when we made a big sale, but here we are!”

So far, the performance of the South Wales franchise has surpassed even the strong financial forecasts we have made for new partners joining us in recent years, proving there really has never been a better time to be a part of Granite & TREND Transformations!

Maybe you could be the next big thing in home renovations in your local area? With our support, the only limit is your ambition!

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