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Membership History

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Joined 1997

Company Overview

Trophy Pet Foods is an established direct-to-the-door pet food delivery service, delivering a unique range of British-made, premium pet foods. Convenience, Quality, British is what defines Trophy, from our quality pet foods, free home delivery, try before you buy policy, competitive pricing and free nutritional consultations; to your friendly customer service. Developed over the last 28 years, our franchisees offer their customers a unique way to purchase their pet food and ancillary items. Our foods are natural, ingredient-led, specially formulated and offer important key benefits for all pets.

Franchise Overview

Trophy Pet Foods was established in 1990 – the first mobile pet food franchise, a nationwide company with the knowledge, experience and knowhow to make each of our franchisees successful. Our franchisee team is large and constantly expanding, but we do have some prime greenfield sites available and our long-term established franchisees provide exciting resale opportunities.

Our tried and tested formula combined with our superb launch programme and support package are designed to ensure you can grow and develop an exceptional local pet food business.


Training takes 10 days in total. Four days in-house training kick-starts the business, followed by four days of in-field training with your franchise support manager. A one-day workshop, to review, discuss, consolidate and plan for the future, completes your training. In addition franchisees have the opportunity to gain an independently certified professional qualification in pet nutrition. This nutritional qualification enhances the in-house training provided and allows our franchisees to offer a quantified and dedicated service to their customers. Finally, a social media masterclass to enhance your social media skills and utilise this great resource.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Trophy is a van-based business. You will be able to run this business from home with a small office area and a storage area. Seeing new customers, making regular deliveries, customer lead development, direct marketing, event and shows all form part of your daily life. This is a flexible business with tremendous job satisfaction. This franchise affords you the opportunity to establish a loyal, sustainable customer base, whilst tailoring the business to suit you.

Tina Bingham - Trophy East Kent

I’m Tina from Trophy East Kent, and have been running my Trophy business since 2012, with the help of my husband Graham who supports me with book-keeping, stock control and occasional deliveries.

I have always had a passion for animals, and when I was a child I wanted to be a vet. I never managed to achieve that, but I am now an independently qualified animal nutritional adviser, and I’m very happy to be working with animals, helping to keep them in the best possible health through good quality nutrition.

It gives me particular satisfaction to see a new customer that perhaps had behavioural or health problems due to being on an unhealthy diet then transform into a much healthier and happier pet as a result of being on Trophy Pet Foods.

When I first started to consider a career change in 2012, I looked at another pet food franchise too, but I was particularly drawn to Trophy Pet Foods because of their healthy range of products, as well as their ethical standing, because animal welfare and the environment are important issues for me too. I also spoke to a number of other Trophy franchisees around the UK to see if the business had met their expectations, and their feedback also convinced me that I was making the right choice - it’s certainly one that I’ve never regretted.

I have worked really hard over the past 4½ years to build up my business, but it has never really felt like “work” as such, because I love being around animals, as well as providing a prompt and reliable delivery service and the best nutritional advice that I can to my customers.

I have always had fantastic support from Trophy Head Office too, as well as from the other Trophy franchisees, and so I feel that buying the Trophy franchise has been the best decision I could have made. We are given enough freedom to run our businesses as we wish, but there’s also lots of support in place whenever it’s needed. And of course the fantastic Trophy food that I have every confidence in. My own pets (2 dogs, 3 cats and chickens) have absolutely thrived on Trophy and are great adverts for the food.

My customer base has been established by chatting to other dog owners directly, attending dog training classes and shows, as well as establishing links with animal behaviourists, dog groomers and local welfare organisations, who appreciate the importance of a healthy diet in terms of health and behaviour.

My customers also frequently recommend Trophy to their friends, family and neighbours, and that’s how my business continues to grow as I am too busy keeping on top of deliveries to be spending very much time actively marketing my business now.

Our customer base stands in excess of 350 human customers (which equates to around 500 dogs, 30 cats, plus chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots and lots of garden birds!) and that keeps me very busy, delivering 4 days per week, as well as visiting potential new customers and giving regular nutritional presentations.

There is still so much potential out there to continue to grow our business if we wish, and we also have the flexibility to tailor it around our rather complicated family circumstances (we have a disabled adult son living at home).

So, in summary, we have a great business, generating a healthy income, and I’m doing a job I love.

Marion Clemens - Trophy Wessex

I was a driving instructor for 6 years before taking on my Trophy franchise. I had 3 illnesses due to the stress so I decided it was time for a major change. I wanted a way of bringing my passion for animals into my work life and a pet food franchise looked ideal. I researched the market and when I found Trophy it ticked all the boxes.

The ethical accreditation, lots of herbs and fruits in the composition, generous franchise area with huge growth potential and quality British food at very cost effective prices, makes it easy to gain new customers.

My background meant I was happy talking to new people but I had no idea of the sales world.

The training I received at Trophy was excellent. I have been given the tools and confidence to happily seek new customers and explain about the varieties of food we have; and how we can help with any dog and cat nutritional problems. Pet owners are always so kind to me and I think that’s due to our first approach. My training showed me how to recruit new pet owners without being pushy or ‘sales person’ like. I couldn’t do it if there were hard sales involved, I’m not that type, but I can honestly say the way I was taught via the Trophy training course, leaves me buzzing.

I took on an existing franchise where the previous franchisee had suffered ill health and could no longer promote the business. In the 5 months over the winter I have increased the customer base by 33% and have barely scratched the surface of the generous household numbers allotted to my area.

I want to expand the business and eventually employ local people having several vans on the road. That may sound optimistic, but in reality, it’s achievable and possible.

However, hard work comes into it. There are days when I start loading the van at 8am, deliveries until 5pm then back into the office after dinner to put in the order, contact customers, work on my Facebook page or any manner of things, to keep the ball rolling.

I can’t imagine that any successful business didn’t start with hard work and, for a few months, feeling like you’re eating, sleeping and drinking the new venture!Every time my husband and I are alone we are coming up with new ideas, new plans and improvements, but we are thoroughly enjoying the road to our new life. All the hard work is for us. All the late nights are for us. All the outdoor events, networking and social media promotions are for us!

The product I am selling is outstanding, the backup and support is always there. The pet food market is growing. I love talking to people about their pets and they love talking to me (it seems). The only thing between where I am now and succeeding with our plans is hard work, and that I can do due to my training and the joy I have found in recruiting and introducing new customers to Trophy and the services we can provide.

Dave & Maureen Hume

Hello all

We are Dave and Maureen from Barnard Castle in the north-east, just over four years into our Trophy franchise covering predominately the County of Durham area with small incursions into north Yorkshire and Tyne & Wear.

For a number of years I’d been self-employed as a sales consultant representing a variety of companies. Maureen was a former BT senior account handler. Trophy as a business allows Maureen and I to work together to build a business specialising in an area, pets (and dogs in particular), we both love along with our two highly-trained and motivated sales executives Toby and Elsa, our Hovawarts. Looking as they do on Trophy food shows everyone how their dogs ‘could’ look on what is a fantastic product, believe me, dozens of customers whom we meet daily on walks and shows have taken on the brand purely because of those two. Since then we’ve developed a working relationship with Westies in Need nationwide rescue based up here and have in fact rehomed two ourselves, George and very recently Daisy, so now we’ve four walking adverts.

This is now developing into a stable business; thus far we have not been disappointed even though we’ve been in the midst of a recession and high fuel costs with the related challenges this brings. We won’t get mega-rich but quality of life and the arena we work in is wonderful. At this point we’ve registered 425 customers but of course you learn that you can’t keep everyone and sadly dogs die, people move away etc; however our retention rate is in the order of 86/87 percent with circa 370 active and still growing, which tells us two things:

1. Our service is excellent and it’s what we strive to offer and we take the word service very seriously.

2. No matter how good your service is, if the food was not good, people would ‘have’ to leave you, their pets are too important to them. Most have stayed with us.

So many dogs and cats still to help and we never underestimate how much the home delivery, service and quality advice is playing and it’s a competitive market but it helps to be one of, if not the, best.

At this stage we can see that we are making a living working in this environment of choice but still with lots of work to do, it does not happen overnight. Trophy allows you the grace to run your company with just the right amount of back-up and advice when needed.

The equipment supplied and training from the outset has been first class and after looking as we did at the competition (I use the term competition loosely) we are so glad we went with our instinct and chose by far the best product and team to work with. We genuinely believe that there is no better pet food on the UK market, this is constantly reinforced as we become yet more knowledgeable and the periodic seminars on nutrition are right up to date but more importantly we repeatedly see the benefits in our customers dogs’ health, no magic to it just good natural ingredients and more often than not, they see it too.

Best from Dave & Maureen, Toby & Elsa, George & Daisy (and of course the 3 cats).

John & Karen Purnell

Hi guys, we are Karen and John from Warminster, Wilts. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to choose Trophy. This is our first business venture and we know it is a winner. We have 300+ returning customers at the moment.

Karen has a full-time job and works part-time with Trophy. She uses her expertise in customer service and stock control to great effect. I do the delivery and sales side. I love meeting people and animals so my part is easy!

What makes it easier is the food. It really does sell itself once you put a few basics into place. I honestly believe, having done what seems like a hundred taste tests and compared all the ingredients, that there is no better food on the market.

I come from an admin background and Karen is the general manager at an importer; so you don’t need any direct selling experience. A love of animals and a desire to see them thrive on the best food around are the main qualities you need. We are very big on customer service and have an ordering system that reflects this. We are always on hand to answer any customer questions about their pets during the week but we let the answer machine take messages for the weekend.

We believe in doing the hours that are required to keep the business moving forward. You will lose some of your spare time, as in any business, but you will find it is worth making the odd sacrifice. When we first started we seemed to work every weekend and every conversation seemed to be about Trophy and the best way to do things. Now, five years later, we feel the ground work has been done and it is now a question of improving on the numbers of customers.

In our first two years we had a lot of customers from doing local shows and canvassing. More recently we have more and customers from referrals, this alone proves to us we are on the right track. What could be nicer than setting off in your van every day going to meet animal lovers and their pets and making money at the same time?

All the best from Karen and John and our two Trophy Retrievers, Max and Cody.

Matt & Jen Snell

Hi, we’re Matt & Jen Snell the proud owners of Trophy Swindon & North Wiltshire Ltd. Our story starts with both of us having worked for large corporate organisations for the last 10 years. The last few years have been particularly difficult, as we feel that our employers have lost sight of what true customer service is. In short, we felt that we could do better if we were more able to drive the businesses ourselves.

As this was a highly unrealistic expectation, we started looking into what our options really were. This is where a combination of searches through the franchise websites and local business sales pages resulted in Trophy being shortlisted, along with two other potential options. Following meetings with all three businesses, Trophy stood out as our number one option. We were very impressed with the pedigree within Trophy and their past and current performance. Whilst it was clear that the franchisors’ business was being run as a serious concern, it was also as clear that ethos of the owners created an environment for new business to achieve their own goals.

Now 3 years in, we have a business generating a sustainable profit, we have over 600 customers and we are ready to bring in distributors to support us in two areas.

Our territory was a virgin territory with only three existing customers to support. So we have been very busy. Hard work is a message new franchisees will continuously hear from head office. We very early made the decision to make Trophy our main source of family income, so hard work, perseverance, determination, were needed in bucket full’s, along with a truly supportive family. The last key ingredient is adherence to Trophy’s “system”. This can be summed up as 25 odd years of refined best practice that you can rely on to help you achieve your results. Follow the system, it works.

In general, I firmly believe that you can’t gain true satisfaction without conquering some adversity. Our biggest challenges have been the physical and mental tiredness and the self imposed pressure of creating an income quickly. Our rewards, however, outweigh our hardships. We have more time as a family, we have full control over our destiny, we meet lots of wonderful people and their pets and we have a fantastic business.

Matt Cose

Hi, Matt from Newton Abbot in Devon. I have been a Trophy franchise since June 2010 and have never looked back. My last profession was completely different as I used to be a Funeral Director and after 20 years of working for someone else, I decided I wanted to put this effort into running my very own business.

I attended the Trophy training and started building the business until it grew to a size where I could take an income from it. I enjoy meeting people and their pets and have built up a good relationship with my customers, which can only benefit all concerned.

A love of animals and a desire to see them thrive on the best food around is one of the main qualities you need. We are very big on customer service and have a very loyal customer base that reflects this. We can plan out the day on our own terms and the support we get from Head Office is always friendly, never too much trouble and the advice is invaluable.

You will lose some spare time, as in any business, but you will find it is worth making the odd sacrifice. I find Trophy a great way of earning a living as it gives me the freedom to choose my own working hours and I like being my own boss. The quality of life & job satisfaction is priceless. Hard work and at times long hours are needed to develop the business and to keep it moving forward. Business development opportunities do eat into the evenings and weekends, but the end results are enjoyable.

Sharon Leicester

Hi, I’m Sharon from Woodchurch, Wirral and have been running my Trophy Wirral franchise for almost three years, covering Wirral, Chester and part of North Wales.

Before Trophy I worked for almost sixteen years in a Further Education College firstly as a Librarian and before being made redundant worked part of my week in Human Resources and the rest of the week worked as P.A to the Clerk to the governors. I can’t say I felt I had achieved my lifelong ambition and everyday used to pass a quote on the wall ‘If you do a job that you love, you will never have to do a day’s work in your life’. I read this and dreamed of having my own business and working with animals.

When I was made redundant in March 2014 I knew this was the chance I had been waiting for and decided a franchise would be the best way forward seeing I was in my early fifties and no longer a youngster! I researched pet food and other pet franchises taking advice from the BFA and going to see a few before deciding that Trophy was the one for me due to the superior products and support systems in place. I like the fact that the business is my own but support is there whenever I need it.

A few weeks into the business Jake my border collie came to live with us as his previous owners could no longer keep him and this meant I could meet lots of dog owners through training classes and local dog walking groups. Jake is on Trophy Premium Duck & Vegetables and the number of people who comment on his beautiful shiny coat means talking about Trophy couldn’t be easier.

Although not having any direct sales experience this didn’t matter as just by enjoying meeting people and following the methods shown in the Trophy training I gained just under 100 customers in my first year. I was so pleased to win ‘Best New Franchisee’ in 2014 after 7 months in the business. I ensure I always give excellent customer service and I offer both a loyalty and a referral scheme which mean many of my customers now come through referrals.

I do put in the hours needed to keep the business growing which means working some evenings and weekends but I actually do not feel as if I am actually working as I enjoy what I am doing. It also means I can take the odd days off at short notice to see my daughter when she has a 24 hour layover to Manchester (She works for Emirates and lives in Dubai), which I couldn’t do when I worked for the College.

I still have a way to go but my business is building up nicely and I am getting new customers all the time. I am happier than I’ve ever been and have a much better quality of life.


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