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Company Overview

Valenta offers customised solutions in four main areas including consulting, digital transformation, staff augmentation and training. All services are designed to assist businesses to improve competence and performance, whilst reducing costs. Businesses operating in fiercely competitive markets require a competitive advantage, and we are able to provide them with this through Valenta’s vast knowledge and quickly accessible resources.

Franchise Overview

Valenta is a B2B franchise providing specialist services to clients across all industries and sectors via the following 4 verticals:

  • Consulting: A myriad of service offerings including process optimisation, digital implementations, cost efficiencies, client management, HR, financial crime, etc.
  • Digital Transformation: Automation of a wide range of tasks for clients using the latest tools in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  
  • Staff Augmentation: The provision of specialist and skilled staff across offshore service centres in India, Malaysia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe (under development)
  • Training: Customised training and development modules for clients


As a Franchise Partner you will have the opportunity to apply your business acumen and client management prowess coupled with the tools and training we provide to build a highly lucrative business for yourself with both recurring and one-time income sources.


However, unlike any other business franchise, the Valenta Franchise offers the opportunity to work on your business rather than in it! What that means is that while you can start as the only person in your franchise operation, overtime you should be able to build a business potentially generating a high six figure income even when you decide to take a break and/or hand more of the day-to-day to your staff.


Working with small, medium and large sized enterprises, you will be able to deliver increased efficiencies, cost savings and processes, streamlining your clients’ business. Valenta’s cutting edge service offering is designed to help transform businesses and enhance competitive advantage for B2B clients. Valenta allows automation and outsourcing of non-differentiated parts of our clients’ business so that they can focus on differentiation and adding value to their end-clients.


You will work closely with your clients to understand their needs, identify gaps and implement efficient business solutions while working in tandem with specialists and subject matter experts from Valenta. Valenta will deliver the operations and subject matter expertise, allowing you to focus on business development, client management and growing your business.


Benefits of a Valenta Franchise

  • Diversified Product Suite: Increase client touch points and minimise risk by offering a myriad of services across 4 verticals which have a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of over £1 trillion+
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Earn both one-time and recurring revenue as a Franchise Partner. This provides income protection even when you aren’t working.
  • Globally Proven Model: Valenta franchises are successfully operating in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Leverage the experience of a vast network of Franchise Partners across the globe.
  • Recession Proof: Valenta services are suitable for all business of any size and any industry. This makes Valenta relevant irrespective of the economic cycle.
  • No Operations Hassle: Because Valenta predominantly handles all operations, you can focus on building your business, clients’ and revenue base.
  • Unmatched Support: Leverage various in-house resources and specialists including a dedicated Business Coach, our world-class Marketing team, our global partner network and our Senior Leadership Team.
  • Training on absolutely everything: We provide comprehensive training (both in-house and external industry leading certifications) on all aspects of business, as well as ongoing support to ensure success.
  • Annual Conference: An excellent opportunity to meet the global team, share best practices and updates. The 2022 conference is in Las Vegas!

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Franchisees do not need any specific qualifications or prior experience in consulting, digital transformation or outsourcing, as our team will deliver the operations. Our franchisees bring with them a ‘can do’ attitude, adherence to high ethical standards, client centricity and ideally some experience in dealing with B2B clients.

Get in touch today to request a copy of our franchise prospectus and organise an introductory call.


We provide you with comprehensive training to commence business, and ongoing support to ensure success. You do not need any specific qualifications in process consulting, digital transformation or outsourcing, as our team will deliver operations. We embrace a team culture where established, proven methodologies are adopted and shared.

Initial Training

We conduct one-on-one training with franchisees providing you with the knowledge and skills to grow your business. During this orientation a business plan and marketing program is established, facilitating your industry specialisation.

Ongoing Support

Various resources are available to our franchisees to ensure ongoing success including a dedicated Business Coach and world-class Marketing specialists; along with quarterly business planning with the leadership team and an annual conference.

Daily Life of a franchisee

You will be working with small, medium and enterprise sized firms; leveraging your current professional network, and building new relationships through direct marketing, networking events and other means.

Your role is to identify gaps within these businesses and recommend strategies to improve efficiencies.

“My first week as a Franchise Partner proved profitable with my first lead turning into my first client.”
Bill Savellis, Franchise Partner

“Partnering with Valenta has been invaluable for me as their training and support has been outstanding. My network and business continues to growth with their continued mentorship.”
Hamadan Mehdi, Franchise Partner

“Having a background in Financial Planning and a strong network behind me, I was ready to diversify and broaden my scope by joining Valenta. Their setup is second-to-none, allowing me to focus on generating revenue.”
Josh Bennett, Franchise Partner

“I work when I want, where I want, how I want, and I still have a steady revenue stream coming in.”
Varsha Fleming, Franchise Partner

From Client to Franchise Owner with Valenta BPO - Josh Bennet

Josh Bennet began his journey focused on two things: finance and technology. Those passions became the foundation for his professional success serving as a financial advisor for a broad range of Fortune 500 companies.

Eventually, those dreams would push him into entrepreneurship, when he opened his own franchise business. However, Josh is about more individual success – throughout his life, he has believed in giving back to others through mentorship and teaching other fintech professionals how to increase sales, profitability, and efficiency through digital technology.

Today, Josh owns a very successful Valenta BPO franchise, which allows him to continue leveraging his hard-won expertise and knowledge while providing vital solutions for clients. He can combine his affinity for fintech with his passion for helping others, and partners with businesses to revolutionize their processes and procedures. We briefly caught up with Josh and wanted to discuss his success.

Why Did You Choose Valenta BPO?

Actually, I started as a client! That allowed me to see the value that Valenta BPO provide to business owners firsthand. I quickly realized that was a perfect fit for my own vision and goals, so I took the leap into franchise ownership.

What’s Your Advice to Anyone Buying a Business?

I would say that the most critical thing is to have a strategy in place for getting clients from the very beginning. This isn’t Field of Dreams. The whole “if you build it, they will come” mentality is a false narrative. The bigger the pipeline you can develop, quickly, the easier it will be to scale to success.

Who Is Your Most Important Advisor and Why?

While I’ve worked with several advisors, I don’t have one in particular I gravitate toward. I read voraciously, and I find that books and podcasts can provide a great deal of information, support, and guidance, while allowing me to learn from the best in all sorts of industries, across a wide range of skillsets.

What Is the Best Business Advice You Ever Received?

It sounds so basic, but the best business advice I ever received is to just start one. Honestly, there are millions of good nuggets out there on how to optimize your business, but the best advice I heard was just to take the leap and do it. Taking the leap into entrepreneurship is the hardest part. With the leap out of the way, you can refocus on the other big questions, but until you do, you’re stuck in that holding pattern and nothing new can manifest.

Do You Have Any Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Business?

My recommendation would be to invest in your own success. You can do that by investing in education, in the right tools, in mastering time management, and in so many other ways. Think of it this way: software that saves you an hour of time is easily worth $100 a month, isn’t it?

What’s the Key Factor in Your Current Business Success?

I think it’s not having an ego. I’m always trying to improve. I never consider my journey “finished”. I’m open to criticism and I try new things with the awareness that I can (and often do) fail. Make a lot of mistakes, but make sure you learn from those mistakes. That’s how you improve and grow.

Valenta BPO A “No-Brainer” - Sugi Gunamijaya

Sugi Gunamijaya had years of experience in many different business sectors before partnering with Valenta and opening his own business. He worked in multiple financial services roles, including banking and accounting. He honed his business acumen in analytics and business technology while mastering the art of keeping projects on track and on budget as a project manager who excelled.

Sugi brings the strengths he developed in those roles to his clients today. Those clients regularly praise his innate ability to translate business requirements into actionable business solutions, connecting the dots so to speak and helping to build a stronger, more robust organisation. He also excels at improving business processes while reducing operational expenses, with an eye toward boosting efficiency and productivity.

We wanted to explore why someone with Sugi’s accomplishments and accolades would choose Valenta BPO, as well as how the platform has helped him build his success. In our interview, he also offered some critical advice and guidance for anyone seeking to build their own successful business.

Why Did You Choose Valenta BPO?

Valenta BPO was a no-brainer for me. The way I see it, you have two choices. You can either go out on your own, establish your team from scratch, and make a lot of mistakes along the way, or you can decide to join an established consulting and offshoring firm known for its expertise and acumen and start working right away, building business relationships.

I chose the latter. It just made more sense to me. Why go through all those challenges and growing pains when you don’t need to?

What’s Your Advice to Anyone Buying a Business?

I think the most important advice I can impart is to find something that you really like doing initially. You don’t have to love it at first. That will come later. However, you do need to at least like it and have an interest in it.

The key here is to find what motivates you. Picture yourself in the business – what motivates you to get up in the morning? What keeps you in the office at night?

For me, it’s problems to solve for my clients. It’s delivering the best possible experience and answering my clients’ challenges. When you like what you’re doing, and you know what problems you want to solve, things become a lot clearer.

Who Is Your Most Important Advisor and Why?

I would have to say Jayesh and Chris as a business coach. They always steer me in the right direction when it comes to the business and help me understand the most critical areas of focus.

What’s the Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received?

I’ve gotten so much great advice and guidance over the years. It’s hard to choose, but I would have to say this: Stick to what you know and love doing, and everything else will follow.

Do You Have Any Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Business?

I would advise anyone to take their time and carefully consider their options. Valenta’s BPO market is very large and very diverse. Keep two to three offerings that are close to your background and experience, and focus on a small number rather than branching out too fast. Rapid growth might sound great, but if it’s not sustainable, you’ll ultimately crash.

What Would You Say Is the Most Critical Factor in Your Current Business Success?

I would have to say that the key factor is being connected with Valenta’s management and coaching teams. They’re always responsive when I have a question or a problem, and they always offer accurate, professional well-thought-out advice and recommendations. Ultimately, they propel my business forward, enabling me to deliver better outcomes to my clients.

From Lawyer to Valenta Principal Consultant – Jeremy Kim

Jeremy Kim is an experienced attorney that has been working with corporations of all sizes for more than 16 years. Today, he is a Principal Consultant at Valenta BPO, and his story is one that many people considering turning to business or franchise ownership can appreciate. Business process improvements and workforce efficiency are critical to business growth, and having the right team on your side can make all the difference. Get to know Jeremy’s story and see how he can inspire you to become an outsourcing consultant and start helping others today.

Experience and Background

Jeremy has had huge success in the defence of many national banks and consumer finance corporations in legal matters relating to regulatory and compliance issues. He has also assisted in mitigating risks for a number of organisations across the country. he has a full background in and understanding of government regulations and regulatory compliance.

Having a strong corporate background, Jeremy has been able to adopt a Valenta franchise with ease, applying his acumen for business, customer service and relationship management.

Jeremy’s Role at Valenta

Today, Jeremy puts his expertise and skills to work helping businesses identify areas of improvement and boost their efficiency by outsourcing non-critical operations and tasks. Delegating business processes helps companies streamline, save money, and focus on where they need to be, rather than focusing on tedious things like bookkeeping and accounting, digital marketing, and other commonly outsourced tasks and services.

Q: So why Valenta?

A: According to Jeremy, “After a long search for a new role within the law, I began to think outside of the box to give myself a fresh start. The top reasons I chose Valenta were (1) the upfront nature of the conversations about the business in terms of what Valenta was, what if offered and how I could fit with my legal background. All without a hard sell, just a willingness to give information and answer any questions I had; (2) I was drawn to Valenta because it offered services rather than food & beverages or products. I liked that while having no sales background and after years of working behind the scenes within the law, I would be able to take charge and sell not only Valenta and its services but myself. I liked that I would interact with professionals and provide them with solutions; (3) I liked the support that Valenta, specifically Jayesh and Chetan and the team in India that I met, give. I was drawn by Valenta being upfront about expectations to have, both realistic and in a perfect world. I like that they provided realistic benchmarks even before signing on and were upfront about any headwinds or issues that I may face. Jayesh and the team allowed me to make a very informed decision about whether I wanted to come aboard. I really like how everything was laid out to me.”

Q: What is your favourite feature or part of being a Valenta franchisee? Why?

A: Jeremy explains that “Coming from the law, working 60, 70, 80+ hours and then taking vacations but still working, I like the autonomy that I get with Valenta and being my own franchisee. By being my own boss, I am responsible for myself and answerable to me. I like the autonomy but also the fact that there will be benefits and fruits to bare going forward that will all be a result of the work I put in now and going forward. This wasn’t necessarily the case for me in my prior roles. I like that I can see and receive tangible results and benefits as a direct result of the efforts I put in.”

What’s Your Story?

Now that you’ve heard Jeremy’s story, what are you waiting for? With outsourcing franchise opportunities, you can get involved in new business and create a story of your own. Valenta has operations in a number of countries and continents around the world and offers a franchise program that allows owners to work on generating new business to use the various services provided by the organisation.

While you’re building a business, Valenta will take care of providing outsourcing services to the clients that you collect along the way, giving you a true partnership in franchising. All you have to do is find the clients and Valenta will take care of their outsourcing needs.

Valenta handles all the operations of their franchises, and offers a globally proven business model with low start-up costs. If you have been looking for your franchise opportunity, but aren’t able to independently setup your own operation, this may be a good fit. Get to know more about the company and what they can offer so that you can start writing your own story in the realm of outsourcing and business process consulting.

As Jeremy Kim puts it, Valenta’s customised solutions for process improvements, marketing, and outsourcing enable organisational efficiency and business growth on many levels, so if you take on a franchise, you can guarantee that you will have a variety of ways to succeed. Call us today to get started or learn more.

Why Valenta - Jeremy Kim, Managing Partner (Franchisee)

Why Valenta - Varsha Fleming, Managing Partner (Franchisee)


Please contact Valenta Franchise for more details on danyaal.shah@valenta.io.

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