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Membership History

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Joined 2019

Company Overview

Your Mortgage Plus is a network of Mortgage & Protection Specialists that provide their clients with professional and independent guidance across a range of products, helping them to get their personal finances and affairs in order.

The advisors of Your Mortgage Plus help their clients in a range of areas, providing guidance for first time buyers, re-mortgagers and those looking for bridging finance, giving their insight into insurances and protection, assisting with the arrangements of wills, trusts and estates planning, in addition to advising on commercial finance affairs, including assisting landlords and buy-to-let owners.

By becoming a Your Mortgage Plus franchisee, you will be given all the training and qualifications necessary to enter the huge and ever-growing housing market.

Franchise Overview

Your Mortgage Plus is part of the White Rose Finance Group, which was founded in 2004 and established as a successful commercial finance brokerage. The Group achieved FCA principal status in 2014 and have successfully built one of the largest commercial finance networks in the UK. Applying for and achieving direct authorisation for regulated mortgages was a natural progression which was realised in 2019.

Your Mortgage Plus was the brand chosen for our regulated network and can be your opportunity to build a business and professional career benefiting from our experience and expertise in the financial services sector.

At Your Mortgage Plus we will provide you with access to the systems you need, including a CRM system and state of the art sourcing systems, designed to ensure you can access the best products for your clients. You will be trained on the systems to help you manage client relationships and process cases compliantly.


At Your Mortgage Plus, you will be given all the training that you need in order to offer all the products effectively.

The first step on your journey is to complete the CeMAP qualification. This consists of three modules with three two-hour multiple-choice exams. We partner with a training provider to get you access to online video learning to accelerate your CeMAP journey. Once complete, we mentor and support you to achieve Competent Adviser Status (CAS) which you need to advise clients unsupervised. As part of this journey you will do role plays and be observed during client appointments.

To increase your product knowledge, you will complete elearning modules on our online learning platform and to prepare you from a practical perspective you will attend a business launch training course which includes how to use the various different systems, how to position products with clients and how to best generate leads.

If you opt for an all inclusive package, you will attend separate training courses for commercial finance and wills, trusts & estate planning. Competency must be maintained on an ongoing basis, to achieve this you will have ongoing access to our central support team, CPD opportunities, regular forums, and lender webinars.

Daily Life of a franchisee

As a Your Mortgage Plus franchisee, your daily life will primarily comprise of two things. The first is helping individuals to get their mortgages and other affairs in order. Utilising the industry knowledge and training we provide, you will play a crucial role in helping your community navigate the sometimes-tricky worlds of mortgages, insurances and wills, trusts & estates planning.

The second major part of your daily life will be focussed on assisting property professionals and business owners with their Buy-to-Let investment purchases. As a property finance expert, your insight and connections to our panel of over 300 lenders will be invaluable in assisting both novices and seasons pros looking to grow their property portfolios.

Trevor Gough - Taking on your first case

“So, it’s your first case – what is it like. Normally I would say nerve-racking, but you are also under very close scrutiny – and rightfully so, you are being assessed under FCA rules.

You are doing your first fact find, you are about to call the client, your palms are sweaty, your pulse racing a bit and your mouth dry! What was it really like?

Well, pretty much as I have described above, it is nerve-wracking, however, it’s like doing a parachute jump, you have to take that first step to make any progress and that first fact find interview is part of that process. Yes, you have to think carefully, yes you have to be methodical in your approach, but you will have received some excellent training from Steve and Lee and trust me, excellent it is. As a compliance mentor, Steve is second to none so listen to him – his advice will serve you well into the future and that is an important point you will do well to remember. Lee is always on the other end of the phone and ready to guide you in the right direction should you ever need advice on what to do next operationally.

Back to that first fact find. How did I feel? OK, I admit I was petrified but once into it, if you have listened, your training kicks in and you will get through it. It also helps enormously if your first client is easy to talk to, fortunately for me, mine was and she was lovely and that made the whole thing better.

Your first time you will make mistakes but do not be disheartened as that is normal. What you have to do is keep them to a minimum and avoid any major errors. Its all in your planning and preparation, do that well, keep your head and you will be fine.

Well, there ended my first case, I sincerely hope that it may have been of some value to you and I wish you the very best of luck on your voyage to being a good Mortgage Adviser.”

Chris Harrington - 2nd Charge Mortgage and Life & Critical Illness Protection

“I was asked by one of the parents at my Son’s School to see if I could help a couple that he knew that were looking to move home. I said I would be pleased to help and the introduction was made.

However, when speaking with the applicants it became apparent that the case may not be as straightforward as first thought as a 2nd charge was to be registered by one of their parents to cover the money they had given to the couple just in case the relationship didn’t work out as planned. I did my mortgage sourcing and whilst I found a few niche lenders who could potentially do it I also discovered that Santander would be prepared to accept a situation such as this. We proceeded to get the Decision in Principal with Santander and the case moved on from there.

We managed to get the mortgage through which was for an amount in excess of £300,000 at a fixed rate of 1.59% fixed for 5 years and I also put in place Life & Critical Illness protection at the same time. Due to Coronavirus and subsequent delays getting medical reports the underwriting took a while to be completed but we chased it regularly and kept the client informed throughout. Terms were offered but the case was rated which inflated the protection cost to circa £150 per month. I called the applicants to talk the revised terms through with them and explained just how valuable being accepted for the cover actually was. They listened to what was being said and decided to proceed which was clearly a very sensible decision.

In terms of income, the mortgage and the protection cover generated a total case income of £4,540 which was a great result, especially given the value we had been able to deliver to the client. I have also introduced the Wills work that we do and will be looking to speak to both the client and the Trustees of their protection cover to explain how our additional services can be of help to them too.

All in all a good case which shows how we can deliver not just a great result for our client’s initial needs but also how we can develop the relationship further by proactively introducing other parts of our business offering.”

Joy Dowell – Wills, Trust & Estates Planning - Testimonial

“Having no prior knowledge of Wills - other than having written my own through a legal firm, I was a little hesitant in signing up to complete the training.

The training itself was given via online lessons and zoom calls over a 1-week period.  There was a lot to take in but the instructors tried to make it as interactive as possible - obviously, this course would usually be completed in a live classroom scenario.

We covered the background to Wills, why it is so important to have a Will, writing a Will, Trusts, Inheritance tax and Lasting Powers of Attorney.  At the end of the course, there was an exam to complete which was fine to complete based on all the course information that had been covered.

I now have a much better understanding and feel confident in approaching the subject with clients during our mortgage or protection process.  It also enables me to offer a very valuable service at the end of my client's journey to ensure that they are well looked after. 

I have now completed several Wills and also put into place Lasting Powers Of Attorney for other clients who already had a Will in place.

Prestige who completes the writing of the Wills and provide the training has been a great support.  If I am unsure of a situation, I contact them for advice ahead of my meeting and after to ensure the advice I have given is the best option for my clients. They have been very supportive and are quick to respond and act on instructions.

I think it is a great addition to have as a Mortgage and Protection advisor.”


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