The franchised system

The principal benefit that franchisors offer to prospective franchisees is the opportunity to run a business which has already proven its capacity to deliver products and/or services profitably to an identified market.

You cannot sell a concept as a franchise. You must have proven – in practice – that the idea works and that you can successfully transfer the know how to another person operating at arm’s length from you.

You will need to draw up and prove a comprehensive operations manual that details what a franchisee must do, how they must do it – and to what performance and quality standards they must operate. The manual(s) will need to cover the setting up phase as well as continuous operation, growth and profit.

You will also need to develop and prove an initial and ongoing training programme that ensures that the know how described in the operations manual(s) can be transferred successfully to a third party (the franchisee) within the given time.

British Franchise Association accredited UK Franchise Consultants have the necessary experience and expertise to help with the work involved in developing and documenting your operating and training systems.


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