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Less than 4% of businesses in the UK scale to more than 9 employees and less than 1% to more than 50.  We are on a mission to change that by disrupting the typical support available to owner managers of SMEs.

BizSmart® was established in 2012 by Kevin Brent, Founder & Managing Director, with the vision of “Helping SME Businesses to Soar” and transforming the lives of business owners by providing a rock-solid system for scaling businesses, growing profits, improving operating practices and control and ultimately, building value.

Kevin started the business following an extensive business career including corporate senior management, academic masters training in business, strategic consultancy and building and exiting from multiple businesses. What really inspired him to work with other business owners stemmed from his first experience of building a business. It was a business within another business and although a board director he had limited equity. Kevin and a small motivated and cohesive team worked long hours over a two-year period building a successful business and sourcing an acquirer for £6million – only to walk away with nothing to show for it other than the experience. Kevin vowed to learn from that experience and make sure others don’t fall in the same trap. Most of us only get one shot at building a business, and it should be fun and rewarding and support our personal life – BizSmart® was founded to help owner managers to create the kind of business that will ultimately give them the freedom they a looking for, whilst enjoying the journey along the way.

Since being established, BizSmart® has worked with hundreds of business owners in Worcestershire and surrounding counties.  We have developed and honed our business model over the years, cultivating our unique proprietary system – the Scale-Up Journey – which we have proven commercially and built a strong reputation for delivering success to our clients.

In the last 5 years alone, we have worked with over 450 business owners and assisted delivering an average increase in turnover of +29% and a 36% growth in profits within the first 12 months.  Our objective is to double the value of each business we work with within 2 years – an ambitious target but one we genuinely believe is achievable using our Scale-Up programmes.

BizSmart®’s mission is to disrupt the market by improving the advice and support currently on offer to ambitious business owners.  Fundamentally that is what we do.  The current support available to owner managers leaves a lot to be desired and we believe we have the potential to put that right and impact significant number of business owners by disrupting the market with our unique, innovative, high quality and professional ScaleUp programmes.


BizSmart® are committed to delivering a detailed, initial (pre-launch) training programme to all new franchisees.

We have structured a comprehensive training programme covering all aspects of the business. Training is designed to give you a thorough understanding in all aspects of operating your new BizSmart® franchise business.

Initial Training will cover in detail the following elements:

  • Understanding our target market and market positioning
  • BizSmart®’s Scale-Up programme range, our focus on SME Scale-up businesses and our value-add proposition
  • Flight Academy® Manual – online tutorials and video resources
  • Value Builder System™
  • BizSmart®’s philosophy, ethos, core values and our USPs
  • The BizSmart® client experience – the importance of our peer-to-peer programmes
  • BizSmart®’s route to market – how to launch and grow a sustainable, profitable business – sales generation & business development
  • Detailed understanding of BizSmart®’s formula, our systems, processes, service levels
  • Marketing Methods – a marketing plan detailing marketing & promotional activities
  • ‘Rocket Launch’ programme to support you becoming successful as rapidly as possible
  • Relationship building / establishing strong relationship management – clients; suppliers; franchisor < > franchisee relations
  • Staff recruitment, training, motivation, and management (as applicable)
  • C.R.M. – Client relationship management and communications
  • Supply chain & purchasing – recommended and required suppliers
  • I.T. hardware & software
  • Business Management
  • Financial Management & business administration
  • Franchisee Support – pre & post launch
  • Sign-off by BizSmart® that franchisees are fully trained, competent, and ready to trade


Outline Training Programme – training will be bespoke & tailored to your individual requirements.  A detailed Training Plan will be provided and delivered by experienced members of the BizSmart® team to ensure all franchisees are fully trained and competent to operate their business from launch.

What will I do as a Franchisee

BizSmart® franchisees will operate from their home premises or possible from a small office or office workspace.  However, there is no requirement for franchisees to operate from specific business office premises and home-based working is perfectly acceptable and at the discretion of franchisees.

Franchisees will offer BizSmart®’s comprehensive product range to SME business owners who have the ambition to scale their businesses, increase sales and profitability and ultimately to add-value to the businesses they support.

You will quickly become respected in your area for delivering high quality support that makes a real difference.  A large part of what you do will be leading structured peer to peer sessions of small groups of likeminded business owners where you will quickly become an authority figure.

Franchisees will work exclusively under BizSmart®’s business formula, using our comprehensive systems, processes, business tools, online resources and technologies.  You will operate and manage your business with our ongoing support.  Franchisees are responsible for invoicing their clients on a monthly basis & for managing debt collection.

Franchisees will be responsible for the delivery of all of our ScaleUp programmes, for building and maintaining strong client relationships, for marketing their business and growing BizSmart®’s reputation in their franchise territory as the “go-to” resource for SME ScaleUps.

As in any successful business environment, teamworking is critical!

Rather than being a sole trader and isolated (the common complaint of many small businesses), you will be an integral part of a growing team and developing network of like-minded, professional franchisees – and indeed, SME business owners as clients.   You will have the full support of the BizSmart® brand and the expertise of our team to help you every step of the way.  For example, our monthly virtual meeting with franchisees to communicate and discuss the monthly business theme / topic ensures we are all confident in delivering a consistent programme to our clients as well as adding value to the peer-to-peer groups.

A teamworking culture gives us distinct advantages in all aspects of the business – both internally in our network and externally with business owner clients.

We can learn from each other, share our successes, help each other to deal with challenges and in doing so, feel proud to be part of a “larger family” with the vision and focus to create a professional, innovative, people-orientated, and successful franchise business.

BizSmart® are offering exclusive franchises to a select number of high-calibre, experienced businesspeople.  Our ScaleUp programmes are unique and our innovative approach is genuinely disrupting the market sector.  We will select only the very best people to join our franchise.   We seek individuals with the attitude and desire and who want to be part of a movement – a true business partnership with BizSmart® and with your clients.

Franchisees will share in our growth and success as we develop an exclusive network of like-minded people.  More details available during our 2-way recruitment process.

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