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Bubbleology UK

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Bubbleology was born in the heart of London Soho in 2011, and is a premium Bubble Tea and Tea Mixology retail chain. Today, we serve our Bubble Tea across the UK, Europe and the U.S. through a highly successful grab-and-go concept that has demonstrated potential in multiple markets, and are experienced franchisors internationally. We are not just a tea brand, we are a vibrant lifestyle proposition with key partnerships among major retailers.

Bubbleology operates a total of 69 sites across the UK, Europe and the USA. We have won multiple awards in recognition of the brand, both in the UK and internationally. To date, all our existing operations in the UK and the USA have been corporate-owned, while the Continental European business is franchised. Coming up to 7 years in operation in the UK, we are now ready to launch a national franchising programme.


Bubbleology has extensive experience of international franchising, which will be applied to the UK franchise program. We provide pre-opening corporate location-based training, lasting up to 10 days. Both classroom and on the- job instruction are involved, including the Bubbleology brand and culture, products, operational procedures and more. Representatives from Bubbleology will also spend up to 3 days assisting you and your staff prior to Grand Opening.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Our typical franchisees are sophisticated entrepreneurs, who take running a business very seriously. You will need to commit to the core values of the brand, which is to provide a fun and vibrant experience to all of our consumers whilst serving best-in-class Bubble Teas. You will be involved in the day to day running of the site, with the aim to maximise operational efficiencies whilst driving sales.

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Premises based

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Food & Drink

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Start-up Franchise



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