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Colourfence doesn’t rot, warp or peel. It doesn’t require any upkeep and is totally maintenance-free. What’s more, Colourfence can withstand gale force winds.

Colourfence is made from lightweight, high tensile Colorbond steel. It has been popular in Australia for decades and dominates the market place down under. Colourfence is now manufactured here in the UK to fit domestic settings. This isn’t bleak industrial metal, but attractive coloured fencing that will replace inferior wooden products.

Colourfence has an expanding network of management franchisees. In the early days many franchisees worked on the installations as well as surveys. This restricted both theirs and the company’s growth. These days many franchisees sell more than quarter of a million pounds of fencing annually, and don’t fit a single fence themselves.


Training is designed to suit individual requirements. It is a mix of sales, management, administration, technical and practical.

It is important to state that Colourfence franchisees are NOT expected to become fence fitters. This is a management franchise and your personal and organisational skills are far more important than any DIY or practical expertise.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Colourfence franchisees are expected to promote the product locally – with support from the franchisor in extensive national advertising. The day-to-day role will involve quoting and surveying and managing one or more installers. There is no hard sell in this business, and all enquires are generated through advertisements and referrals.

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Home Improvement & Renovations

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Start-up Franchise


B2B & B2C

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