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Little Crumpets Ltd was established in 2019 by Clare Raffet and Sarah Wood after 6 years of running a very successful Little Crumpets venue. We recruited our initial franchisee in 2019 who robustly tested the business model to see if it was easily replicated. Little Crumpets Ltd was established as a Franchisor business offering the Little Crumpets model as a franchisee business. We now currently have 3 Little Crumpets franchises (one is our flagship location) and are looking to grow our network, starting initially in the South West then expanding nationally.

Little Crumpets was set up by two mums from Isleworth. After seeing a gap in the market seven years ago where there was not enough before & after school care in our area, we wanted to create a home from home environment where children love to be. At Little Crumpets we are privileged to be part of their childhood years, creating memorable moments and special memories that will stay with them for life.

Little Crumpets is a home-based business model that has been proven to be a successful career for anyone who is looking to change their work life balance to accommodate the inevitable challenges that occur when you start a family.

With Little Crumpets you will have the opportunity to spend time with your children during their precious childhood years as well as be part of an extremely rewarding and fun business in your own home.

We have lived and breathed Little Crumpets from the very beginning and seen it grow and become a highly regarded and trusted childcare option in our borough. Over the years we have gained an exemplary reputation for high end home from home childcare. We now have several franchisees on board through word of mouth and due to growing demand, it is time to expand our Little Crumpets franchise further. We would like to share our knowledge and experience by welcoming new franchisees in to the Little Crumpets family where we will work with you and support you throughout your journey with us.


Before deciding to sign up to become a Little Crumpets franchisee we ensure it is the right decision for both parties.

To help you make your decision we offer some pre-sign up ‘training’ which is free of charge and involves the following:

  • Opportunity, if logistically possible, to shadow for several sessions. Both existing franchisee’s took this up.
  • Telephone/Email Support with any queries about any aspect of what is required to be a Franchisee.
  • Face to face (or Zoom) meetings to discuss any questions you may have.

Once you have signed up to become a franchisee, you will start your registration process to become Ofsted registered. To help make this a smooth and easy a process as possible the following training and support is offered:

  • A detailed “Little Book of Help” guidebook of the entire process with supporting documentation.
  • Immediate telephone / email support
  • All the help necessary to gain your OFSTED registration incl.
  • Home visits if necessary, otherwise via Zoom.
  • Marketing assistance in preparation for your launch: Web presence & flyers, posters, adverts.
  • Half a day training on BabysDays platform (Zoom) and continued support if necessary

Whilst you are under-going your registration process for Ofsted we offer specific operational training which is an overview of the training that is provided specifically for the Little Crumpets model once you are a franchisee.

This ensures you are armed with all the correct information you need to run your own Little Crumpets at home within the guidelines and standards that Little Crumpets expects.

This training consists of:

  • Initial Induction course (1 day) in small groups on the Little Crumpets model
  • Operational procedures for the day to day running of the business
  • Expected food standards for Little Crumpets
  • Expected behavioural standards and values
  • Overview of the working day and the additional tasks that need to be done to ensure smooth running of the business.
  • How to market Little Crumpets in your area and examples of newsletters and food menus.
  • Overview of the BabysDays system

Training and giving support where necessary is of paramount importance to us to ensure you feel confident to do your job to the best of your abilities. To help with the smooth running of your business we continuously work closely with our franchisees, offering support and training on any areas they feel they need extra support, and we ensure we are accessible for any questions or troubles you may need to discuss.

Once you have registered with Ofsted and you are actively conducting business with your own group of Little Crumpets we provide continued year on year training and support by means of;

  • Continued marketing support including new promo material
  • Continued updates on government childcare regulations
  • Adhoc personal development talks
  • Monthly individual and Team face to face/Zoom meetings
  • Annual Franchisee Meeting
  • What’s App Team group for all Franchisees so they can get help via that channel too.
  • Alerts for when important certification needs to be renewed i.e Paediatric First Aid
  • Baby days: 1 day annual ‘refresher’ training on the system
  • Annual Little Crumpets Operational Update training (1 day)
  • Annual quality checks involving an informal visit with the franchisee during one of their after-school sessions
  • Annual feedback questionnaires to franchisee “parents” regarding the standard of care received

What will I do as a Franchisee

Little Crumpets is very much a Lifestyle brand where you can have a lovely work/life balance, being able to look after your children whilst also running a successful business of your own.

You can see an example of a day in the life of one of our franchisees below:

7am – Depending on your first arrival.

Set up breakfast; prep homemade muffins, pancakes, waffles etc

7am – 8.30am – Welcome in the children and settle them for breakfast.

8.20am – Ask the children to start getting ready for school (i.e shoes, gloves, coats, bottles, bags)

8.30am – Depending on your proximity to school, leave the house with your Little Crumpets to walk to school.

8.50am – See your Little Crumpets in to their classes and wave them goodbye.

8.50am – 3.20pm – TIME TO YOURSELF*

*However, you will need to prep for the evening meal/ afternoon activities and ensure all your contracts and invoicing is in order.

3.20pm – Collect your Little Crumpets and walk back to the house chatting about their school day on the way home. Due to our ‘home from home philosophy’ our Little Crumpets do not wear tabards as we feel they are very much part of a family and not part of a large before/after school group.

3.30pm – You are back at the Little Crumpets house and the children put their coats, shoes etc in their own belongings box and then they are free to play / do craft activities / baking etc.

4.00pm – Final stages of dinner preparation in order to serve dinner for approx 4.30pm.

4.30pm – Wash hands time and sit down for dinner.

5.00pm – Dinner is tidied away and the children are free to play or finish off their craft activities until collected.

5.30pm – Encourage the children to tidy up the toys and get each child ready for home time.

6.30pm-7.00pm – Little Crumpets is shut for the day. This time is dependent on the children you have in your Little Crumpet Family.

During the day, generally between the hours of 8.50am – 3.20pm you have time to yourselves however there are some tasks needed to ensure the day to day running goes smoothly. One of the main daily tasks is to prep for the evening meal each day. All our meals are home-cooked from fresh every day. This is part of the Little Crumpets standards we expect from our franchisees.

As well as the daily ‘Before and After School’ care you provide, running a Little Crumpet’s business successfully also involves the below tasks:

  • Invoicing
  • Shopping orders
  • Activity Planning
  • Expenses & Receipts
  • Newsletters
  • Menus
  • Upload photographs in to Babysdays system
  • Check Babysdays to see if you are up to date with your policies, contracts etc

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Home based

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Childcare & Childrens Activities

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Start-up Franchise



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