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At the forefront of the UK’s green energy revolution, Mr Charger franchisees specialise in one of the country’s fastest growing sectors: electric vehicle (EV) charging. Your new Mr Charger franchise business, will allow you to support the switch to greener driving, with the supply, installation and maintenance of EV charging points. Gain exclusive access to an established client-base, with opportunities for immediate public and private contracts, as you to help the UK embrace change.


Franchisee quote:
“I realised Mr Chardger was my chance to break into the EV market early on!”
Nick Creer, Mr Charger Lancashire

As you may be aware, demand for cleaner driving, and a more sustainable eco-footprint, is growing, leading to an EV revolution. Across the UK, by the end of April 2021, it was estimated there were around 239,000 zero-emission Battery Electric Vehicles on the UK’s roads, and along with 259,000 plug-in hybrids and 629,000 conventional hybrids (The RAC).

At Mr Charger, we’re experiencing increased demand for EV charging points to be made more accessible, right across the UK. So, our franchisees build relationships in their locality, with: leading car manufacturers and dealerships and their customers, house builders/developers, property managers, councils, corporate clients, and manufacturers of car charging equipment. Through these relationships, we help customers choose the right EV Charging Point, and supply, install and then maintain their new charge point.

Since we started in 2016, we quickly became a Government-approved installer of EV charge points safely installing and managing them in homes, workplaces, and public areas throughout the UK. As a Mr Charger franchisee, you will benefit from our national contracts, and the strength of our brand, to build a successful business for yourself.


Whether you’re an electrical engineer, or the manager of a team, you don’t need to have experience with EV installations; although someone in your team will need to be qualified as an electrician.

At Mr Charger, using our electrical knowledge, and industry understanding, we’ve created a training programme designed to bring you up-to-speed, quickly and efficiently. This includes:

  • Details of the charge points we specialise in for B2C and B2B customers
  • How to guide your customers through the process
  • Installation of each charge point, with the manufacturers’ support
  • Maintenance of the Charge Points for ongoing sales
  • Complete training from inception of a business to after sales support and customer service

We will also give you access to the tools and resources we’ve brought into our franchise management programme to help you confidently manage your business for growth, including:

  • People management
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Office CRM software designed to provide a streamline customer journey
  • Engineer field-based app to track and record all installations
  • OCCP software for the purpose of reporting and billing users for use of charge points (workplace/ public charging)

We also supply reference materials, which will assist you in dealing with whatever comes up, whilst our franchise support team are on-hand whenever you need us. All this takes place over a three month training period, and includes on-site training for you and your electrician, so you can see the model in action.

In addition to this, you’ll also receive:

  • A number of leads to help you start strong from day one (we have multiple partners where referrals can be switched on as you commence your franchise journey)
  • The ongoing support of the Franchise Support Team for the lifetime of your franchise
  • Access to the very best manufacturers and equipment suppliers in the industry
  • Your own exclusive, protected territory
  • And much more!

Franchisee quote: “In Mr Charger, you’ve got a business model that’s already in place, there’s a brand, there’s logos, there’s infrastructure behind it – all of these things are already there. The opportunity is ready to go, essentially!” Matt Riddle, Mr Charger Berkshire

What will I do as a Franchisee

Mr Charger can either be run as a management franchise, or an on-the-tools franchise.


A typical day in the life of a Mr Charger franchise entails engaging with customers, in order to understand their charging requirements – either for the home or for business.  This could involve: Guiding residential customers to find the best solution, and most suitable charging point (1 or two chargers); or surveying and talking to business clients about multi-charger solutions across one, or multiple, business locations for their fleet vehicles. You’ll also build strong relationships with electrical wholesalers, car dealerships, local councils, property developers, small businesses, and our network of national account customers.  Working closely with your engineer(s), you’ll quickly become established, as you begin providing first-class customer service, quality workmanship, and expert advice to a wide-variety of clients.


It’s rewarding to know we are helping the UK, as we transition to net zero, and are at the forefront of technological innovation. We are there to guide our customers through their EV journey, inspiring them with our passion for renewable energy and electric vehicles.

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