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Why School is Easy?

School is Easy franchisees are part of something bigger. At the heart of everything we do, is the core belief that “every child deserves to be the hero of their own story”.

As a School is Easy business owner, that’s exactly what you’ll be helping parents achieve every day. Much more than just a tutor-matching service, our franchisees change the trajectory of students’ lives, giving children the confidence and ability to realise their academic dreams, regardless of their needs, background or ability.

Established over 20 years ago and operating in 15 countries worldwide, School is Easy is one of the leading providers of 1-1 in-home academic tuition.

Part of the LaunchLife International group of education brands, School is Easy belongs to an established education infrastructure. We are a global team of education providers, with the proven business model, resources, collective experience and franchising expertise, to make you instantly successful.

The School is Easy pillars of success – our franchise support structure, world class training team, proprietary technology and vast network of educators – are all built on the expertise and success of LaunchLife International Group. Combined, they will empower you to create a dynamic and highly profitable education business in an entrepreneurial environment.

A School is Easy business also delivers the lifestyle balance you deserve, with the freedom to choose when, where and how you work. As well as having full control over earning potential and work/life balance, our franchise partners enjoy a host of non-financial benefits, such as making a positive impact on the lives of families, creating local jobs and helping schools narrow attainment gaps and achieve excellence.


Working Together to Drive Your Business

Our key to success is simple – it’s the quality of our franchise network. There is nothing more important to us than our business partners, and everything we do as a franchisor is designed to make YOU successful. The foundation of our franchisee success, is our TOTAL CARE PLEDGE. This is our ongoing commitment to train and support you through the lifetime of your School is Easy franchise.

With the full resources of LaunchLife International Group at our disposal, our training system strives to make you talented, active, resourceful, and resilient.

School is Easy training is delivered in a variety of ways, designed to provide you with the knowledge and ability to succeed from the moment you launch your business.

  • Your in-class franchisee training will run for 2 weeks before the launch of your business. It will cover every core aspect of running your business, from tutor recruitment and lead generation, to sales, business management, finance and marketing.
  • A dedicated franchise support team – including your support manager – will work with you to deliver ongoing, targeted 1-1 training sessions, on more in-depth topics such as Tutor Cost Management, Fundamental Numbers, Goal Setting, Community Marketing, Break-Even Analysis and Financial Planning.
  • Your Support Manager will provide 1-1 business coaching sessions, tailored to the specific needs of your operation.
  • Follow up training to supplement and augment your in-class training programme. This training is typically delivered online and can be single-session, or spread across multiple days. This type of training is designed to reinforce your existing knowledge of key areas of the business, such as sales, recruitment and marketing.
  • Development webinars are provided as another form of CPD throughout the lifecycle of your business. These are intended to make you aware of new content and practices and to train you on them. Examples of this would be new marketing campaigns, new/updated software, or PR opportunities in your business.


What will I do as a Franchisee

Your day will usually begin between 8am-9am in your home-based office. The first part of the morning is when franchisees prioritise following up any leads that came in overnight, to book consultations with parents, students and even schools who are looking for tuition.

The latter part of the morning and early afternoon is where our business owners really come into their own, getting out into their local communities to generate visibility and drive new leads for their business. As a real people person and with the help of our marketing tools and your dedicated support manager, you’ll be involved in a variety of fun and engaging community activities, such as visiting schools and local businesses, joining in local community events, and networking with people and businesses across your territory. This kind of activity is most effective when done during the day and it will help you recruit new tutors and generate new clients to drive your business forward.

The late afternoon is when tutor matching and any tutor recruitment activity tends to be done, which may include tutor interviews. The early evening is set aside for consultations – the beating heart of the School is Easy business. Consultations enable us to identify the needs of our students and match them with their ideal tutor. The latter part of the evening is usually reserved for business management activity, (using our proprietary business software system), and all social media / digital marketing activity.

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