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Sew Confident is a sewing tuition franchise. We believe carving out time for creativity is the key to living the happiest and most fulfilling life and so we help busy women go from stressed and uninspired to confident and creative. Our sewing classes are designed to focus on the social and de-stressing elements of the hobby as well as delivering top quality, modern and trend focussed sewing classes. There is not a quilted tea cosy in sight at Sew Confident!!

We have a wide range of classes from absolute beginners sewing to underwear, denim jackets and modern Scandi inspired quilts. We also branch out into other complementary crafts such as giant arm knitted blankets and lampshade making. The common thread throughout all our classes is our customer focussed approach. We know our customers inside out, we know they probably feel anxious when they first come to us so we put them at ease by acknowledging and removing those barriers as soon as they arrive. We know they are worried about being the worst in the class, so we have techniques to help those who need more attention without anyone else in the class knowing. We provide so much more than just sewing classes for our community which is part of our success as a sewing tuition franchise.

Sewing has become a mainstream hobby! We’re up there with golf and going for a pizza (can that be considered a hobby? We think so!). We MADE it! In 2020 as a result of the pandemic and everyone realising there is only so much Netflix you can watch, everyone bought a sewing machines. I mean everyone. There was, and still is at time of writing, a worldwide shortage of sewing machines! Some models are sold out 6 months in advance. Since starting the business in 2012 this has never happened. This means, however, there will be more people than EVER with a sewing machine in their home that they either cannot work or are not getting the most out of it. Therefore, the opportunity for you as a Sew Confident franchisee is huge! There has never been a better time to get into this industry!

Sew Confident is the only sewing tuition franchise in the UK. The business was started in 2012 but founder Jenny McCreary who graduated with a creative degree in the middle of a recession and could not find a creative job in Glasgow so had to make one! In 2018 Jenny franchised the business as she realised that not only was franchising a fast way to grow the brand but crucially it was an opportunity for her to give people the chance at a creative career she wanted back in 2012 but without making all the mistakes she made in the early days. Jenny is a strong advocate for women in business and thrives on building self-confidence and belief in aspiring business owners.

Sew Confident currently has 4 studios, Glasgow, Dundee, Chorley and Birmingham. Our franchises are premises based so each studio has a full-time bricks and mortar location. Your franchise encompasses sewing lessons and a complementary retail offering of fabric, haberdashery and sewing machines. In the early days you will teach some of the classes with expert tutors teaching the rest so you do not need to be an expert in every craft! You only need intermediate sewing skills, enough to teach the basics and sell the rest! We are looking for bubbly, super social creative people to join our growing network!


Full training is provided both at our HQ in Glasgow and on location. You will be trained in every aspect of running your franchise including but not limited to, our teaching methods, customer service, customer retention, specific sewing class training, product training, selling, our IT systems, brand guidelines, goal setting and financial tracking, social media management, time management and more. We are constantly updating our training system to ensure all franchises are operating at the highest level possible. As we still own and operate the Glasgow studio we are able to test new systems and processes before we roll them out to the network.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Your Sew Confident franchise is flexible so if you want to take the kids to school then head to your studio you absolutely can. Your day will generally consist of chatting to customers, scheduling new class dates, setting up for an evening class, buying in new fabrics/products, checking your sales against your targets and chatting to other franchisees and HQ when you need some support to name but a few things. It’s a varied role! Sometimes you’ll be doing some sewing of samples for the studio, sometimes you’re creating exciting forecasts for the future and other times you’re writing creative emails to keep your customers in the Sew Confident Loop. Between your concise operations manual, the network of brilliant franchisees and the head office team we’ve got you every step of the way.

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