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Techclean has been carrying out specialist IT equipment cleaning services since 1983. It is the UK’s leading expert in specialist desktop IT cleaning and data centre cleaning.

Our branches are located all across the UK from Scotland to the South West of England. They provide a UK wide computer cleaning service that keeps our customers’ computers, keyboards, telephones and other computer equipment clean and hygienic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) triggered a surge in bookings for Techclean’s PC, Mac and desktop cleaning services, as well as its deep cleaning and Dry Misting treatments. Our priority is always to help staff and businesses keep their office workplaces as healthy as possible.

Techclean offers audited, tested and certified cleaning solutions applied to business critical pieces of IT kit. We adapt our service for clients with as few as 10 workstations to those that have 2000+.


Our head office team will work with you to get your business ready for launch, including helping secure finance and creating the perfect business plan. Training and set-up can take as little as four to six weeks, but you’ll set a pace that’s comfortable for you.

  • Your start up package will include:
  • A detailed marketing launch programme.
  • An appointment generation drive.
  • Essential supplies (cleaning materials etc).
  • Marketing and business materials.
  • Group website.
  • Software to help you manage your finances and contacts.


We’ll step back and let you run your business how you want to, while still checking in with regular one-to-one business reviews and allowing you access to other franchisees through network meetings.

Our highly experienced head office team is just a call or email away if you need advice or further support with anything from marketing to finances to training.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Using proven techniques developed by Techclean’s experts over 40 years, Techclean owners get huge satisfaction from their work on a daily basis, knowing that their services help to keep client IT running, create a healthier working environment and contribute to the environment by extending the life and re-cycling IT equipment instead of it being consigned to landfill.

A typical day will begin with reviewing and planning the work schedule for themselves and their operatives. Then the team will set off to a client’s premises ready to provide Techclean’s specialist cleaning services for all types of IT ranging from server and data rooms to desktop electronic equipment.

Unlike office cleaners who generally go in at night after everyone has gone home, Techclean owners generally work during the day, enjoying interaction with people in a variety of different environments. One day you might be working in a university library or advertising agency and the next responding to an emergency call out from a company to clean dusty IT following building work.

On a big job Techclean may be on site for several days, cleaning all of the staff’s desktop IT equipment. Employees are delighted to have squeaky clean monitors, computers, keyboards and mice again and employers have the re-assurance that the bugs and germs in the workplace have been significantly reduced by the Techclean hygienic deep clean.

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