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The Alley

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The Alley – a famous Taiwanese bubble tea brand from graphic designer Mao-ting Chiu has grown to 300 locations across Taiwan, Korea, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, France, Australia, and the US since it first opened in Taiwan in 2015. Its first UK location was opened in November of 2019, the store is located in Holborn, central London.

With the aid of social media, the Alley’s instagrammable sweet drinks and decor have attracted fervent milk tea lovers to line up for hours for a sip of tea whenever a new store opens. Chinese people speak of the Alley as the ‘internet celebrity tea’, meaning the tea goes viral overnight on social media, like internet celebrities.

A good cup of tea is hidden within each and every one’s heart. On that relaxing afternoon, bath in sunshine’s warmth, sprinkle by breezy wind, charmed by a lover’s smile, fulfilled by the pleasing aftertaste. Reminisce the touching satisfaction from that first cup of good tea, to share this delight with everyone, to keep up with this originality, give rise to ‘The Alley’.


Franchise owners need to send 1 – 2 staff to the flagship store of The Alley’s headquarters in London to participate in the 3-5 week in-store training. Tine trainees will receive comprehensive in-store operation training. At that time, the trainees need to pass the test to complete the training, otherwise the training will be extended until the test is passed. When the franchise store opens, we will send specialist to the store to assist and guide the operation of the franchise store. It includes:

  • Shop opening and dosing operations
  • Bar counter and kitchen operations
  • Raw material purchasing management
  • EPOS system and digital management
  • Operating cost control
  • Customer development and management
  • Opening support

Key Information

Start-Up Cost:


Franchise Type:

Premises based

Sector Type:

Food & Drink

Investment Type:

Management Franchise



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