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The Little Gym

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Founded in the mid-1970s by innovative educator, musician and kinesiologist Robin Wes, The Little Gym® is now the leading children’s enrichment company and offers a unique business franchise opportunity. Robin’s idea was simple – to create a non-competitive, nurturing environment where children could explore their physical development, while also growing socially, emotionally and intellectually. Today, his original vision serves as a springboard for life’s adventures and a fun franchise opportunity.

The Little Gym prepares kids – and kids at heart – for life’s adventures. We promote growth in individuals, families and our communities by serving as a trusted partner on the journey of developing well-rounded, confident kids.

The Little Gym is in 30 countries in Europe, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, USA & Canada.

The Little Gym Europe has been in operation since 2000 and has a presence in 12 countries including Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, UK. The Little Gym units are owned and operated by franchisees.


Learning the Ropes

The thought of starting a new business is enough to tie anyone up in knots. But our Training Department is there for you every step of the way. Our instruction will provide a solid foundation and get you off to a great start. We also conduct hands-on training, real-life in-gym sessions and even online refresher courses.

Pre-Opening Training

In the months before you open, our trainers will prepare you and your key team members for a smooth opening. As part of it, you’ll participate in a week-long training session at The Little Gym International in Scottsdale, Arizona training facility. And you’ll also complete a week-long internship where you can practice your skills in an open gym.

Employee Training

Also prior to opening, you’ll learn our Instructor Training System which provides the tools you need to train your staff and develop their skills. It takes a team member from beginning Instructor to Master Level Instructor. This proprietary system developed by our training department ensures quality and continuity among The Little Gym franchises.

Ongoing Training

Once your gym is open, we continue to help you grow through yearly training sessions that offer you and your team fresh innovative ideas and methods to operate your gym.


Consultant Services

How would you like to have skilled professionals help you develop your entrepreneurial muscles, build your confidence and lower your stress? That’s our Consultant Team.

New Business Consultant

Your lifeline during your pre-opening phase. Your Consultant will guide you through the whole process including finance, real estate, training and marketing.

Business Consultant

Your guide to help fast-track your business growth. Their goal is to ensure you get off on the right foot and that the kinks are worked out of your marketing, operational and financial systems. Your mentor for the long-haul. As your business matures, you will need practical advice and best practices. Our Business Consultants are a mix of internal talent and other current owners whose track records are exceptional and insights are invaluable.

Your Business Consultant stays in touch to discuss day-to-day operations. They will visit your gym annually for an extensive facility review and hands-on guidance. Best of all, their mentoring continues throughout your ownership.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Take an insight into the life of a franchisee with Kate Henebury of The Little Gym®, Harrogate. If you are considering becoming your own boss, this will help you begin to build a picture of this exciting business opportunity. The video lasts ten minutes.

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Premises based

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Childcare – Activities & Education

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Start-up Franchise



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