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thespaCLINIC (formerly spa810) provides female and male customers with best-in-class treatments and an elevated experience in a convenient retail location. Massages, facials and skincare treatments are offered using market-leading, FDA approved technologies administered by professionals. Included in thespaCLINIC’s suite of medical technologies are state-of-the-art lasers for hair removal and non-surgical fat reduction equipment.

Already established with franchisees in the US, our vision is to grow a network of profitable medispas all providing a consistently high level of treatment experience to our guests across the UK. Operating from c.2,000 sq. ft. retail units in secondary locations, spa810 delivers sought-after results driven treatments from the convenience and accessibility of a professional spa environment.

At thespaCLINIC, we provide results-driven treatments that truly help our guest’s skin to how they would like it to look and feel and give them greater confidence in their appearance.

Whether it’s stimulating healthy collagen growth through micro-needling with the only FDA-cleared device on the market or a six-step facial that leaves the guest glowing to providing quick, safe and professionally treated laser hair removal or the latest technique for removing stubborn pockets of fat without the need for invasive surgery by freezing fat cells, spa810 is uniquely placed to offer all these treatments under one roof thereby offering multiple opportunities to help an individual guest.


In successfully launching the pilot operation in Harrogate, we have experienced first-hand what it takes to turn a plan into reality. This means there is already an established process that can be followed to help make it easier for you to become a thespaCLINIC franchisee. We understand that taking a step such as this can be daunting, after all, we’ve done it ourselves. However, it means we are focused on what is important to new franchise owners in the early days of operations. We also know what areas of training and support are most valued by anyone considering becoming a franchisee and as such we’ll provide you training in areas such as:


Ensuring robust policies & procedures are in place to attract and retain great members of the team.


Where to invest, what to monitor and how frequently should this be done .


Using a consistent accounting software across the network allows for ideal benchmarking capabilities with your peers and a real-time overview of your business performance.


Managing overheads to help drive greater profit margins.


Continually investing in your team to ensure the advice and treatments given to guests is nothing short of remarkable!

What will I do as a Franchisee

As franchise owners of a thespaCLINIC, you will be bringing results-driven medi-spa treatments to your local town or city!

An early start is ideal to check any email enquiries via our website from prospective guests, manage the rota if necessary due to any team absences which are thankfully very rare, review and respond to the activity on social media from the previous day’s posts and check the daily cashflow to reconcile takings in the bank and review any invoices that are due for payment that day.

Having placed any orders with suppliers that have been approved that the Manager has recommended, it’s great to take time to walk the spa to ensure presentation and cleanliness of the guest facing areas and treatment rooms are to a high standard.  Again, with the daily protocols we have in place, the team are very good at ensuing they look great!  If there’s been a need to refer any of the previous day’s consultations with guests to our associated health care professional, details can be emailed for their review, advice and feedback which we would then liaise with the guest about before they proceed with treatments.

It’s then onto reviewing the marketing activity that we have planned to ensure activity is on track.  As we’ve been approached to do events with other local businesses, it’s important to ensure that expectations for how the events will run is managed well.  We identify who the most appropriate guests would be to invite and then personalise an invitation to them.  We also liaise with a number of the suppliers who provide great support by running in-spa events to help promote their treatments.  We definitely want to take advantage of these so we find it really beneficial to involve a member of the team to help co-ordinate these efforts which they love doing.  We may also need to accommodate time for in-spa training of the team with one of our suppliers who provide regular updates on their product range for retail and professional use.  This is always very worthwhile time for everyone to help educate our guests on how we help deliver the treatments.

In working with the team to ensure lunches are covered – important to keep their energy levels up! – it’s then an opportunity to review new branding opportunities that may be presented through networking in the local area to help get our name known.  This means taking the time to introduce our business in-person which tends to get a great response.

It’s then very helpful to spend some time with our Manager to review any operational matters that need discussing.  We want to ensure that those guests who are our Members are getting the treatments as part of their membership but also ensuring that we’re reconciling monthly membership payments from them.  We’re also reviewing any treatment funding plans that have been submitted to our finance partner for approval so that we can liaise with the guest to book them in for their course of treatments.

In being able to accommodate treatments for those guests who work during the course of their day by opening later, this time also provides an opportunity to review any retail or consumable items that will need to be re-ordered.  We can then run the end of day report to reconcile the day’s takings and ensure that, if there are any outstanding matters, these can be picked up the next morning with the team.

There’s no doubt it’s a full day! The feedback from our guests about their treatments and the appreciation the team have of their working environment, makes the effort very rewarding and worthwhile!

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