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From coffee machine salesperson to business owner

From coffee machine salesperson to business owner

Gregory, who’d spent over 30 years selling high-end coffee machines to business up and down the UK, became owner of The Cat Butler Bromley in November 2021.

Former coffee machine account manager Gregory Deaton launched The Cat Butler® Bromley in November 2021. The franchise serves BromleyKestonBeckenhamChislehurst, Orpington and other areas within the Greater London district. 

What did life look like for you before you joined The Cat Butler®?

Gregory: Before COVID-19, I’d spent 30 years selling high-end coffee machines to businesses across the UK. As the country was plunged into lockdown, I soon found myself in a situation where demand for these machines dried up.

With offices closing and more people working from home – even now – the demand for these coffee machines plummeted. The pandemic really knocked the stuffing out of the industry, and it just became untenable.

I spent the following months at home homeschooling my son William, 7. 

It came with its challenges, for sure, but having that extra time at home made me re-evaluate my priorities. As the restrictions eased, I knew that I wanted to do something different – something that would enable me to be around for the school drop-offs and pick-ups and give me the flexibility to do those things that I’d previously missed due to work commitments.

Why cat sitting?

Gregory: After spending 30 years in the business-to-business sales world, it was quite daunting to be starting something new – and I wasn’t sure what to do next. I looked at all sorts of options, including HGV driving opportunities – ultimately, though, I knew this would take me away from my family for large stretches of time, so it wasn’t right for me.

I wanted to do something for my family and for me. I’d long dreamt of working for myself, but the timing had never been right. Now, though, the stars were aligned.

I spent a bit of time looking at franchise opportunities. There were loads out there, but none felt right for me. Then, though, I came across The Cat Butler®.

I’ve always had cats, sometimes up to seven at a time – all with their little peculiarities!

What was it about The Cat Butler that appealed to you?

Gregory: With the huge growth in the number of pet cats in the local area, The Cat Butler® opportunity really appealed to me.

I’ve come across various cat sitting outfits in my time as a pet owner. One thing that never really felt right for me was this perception that it’s enough to just pop in, leave some food and go. Cats need so much more than this – they need chin rubs, affection, and somebody to wait on them, hand and foot. They need somebody who has real empathy and a knowledge of how to care for them.

With my cat owner hat on, I knew how much I would value the premium services that The Cat Butler® were offering, and I could see there is a huge demand for them in my local area. There isn’t anybody else around here providing the same level of service, and I’m excited about getting started.

On a more personal level, it also allows me to enjoy a more flexible work-life balance and spend more time at home with my family. All, of course, while interacting with cats – which I just love!

Run your own cat sitting business in your local area

The Cat Butler® Franchise offers an opportunity for cat lovers to be their own boss and run a local cat sitting business with support and guidance from an established and award-winning brand. Request our Franchise prospectus to find out more.

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