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From Nuneaton to Accra, there’s no stopping InXpress

From Nuneaton to Accra, there’s no stopping InXpress

Being in a position to support others making a real difference around the world, meant InXpress Coventry scored with their heart.

Stepping out to make a difference to people’s lives often involves stepping out of your comfort zone. Other times, it means making things happen, to facilitate those who have gone the extra mile. Which is how InXpress Coventry became involved in an appeal to support children in Ghana.

Nuneaton Borough FC, found themselves tagged in the social media post of superfan, Sam Timms. Sam was – at the time – in Ghana, determined to make a difference in Frankadua, a Ghanaian town three hours outside Accra, and was involved in projects to tackle poverty such as building a water station for the town, and a new school, as well as providing malaria kits, mosquito nets and food. Touched by the struggles he saw in the day-to-day, Sam implored friends and associates back home in Nuneaton for any donations to help make a difference to the children, and families he was working with. Which is how he attracted the attention of his favourite football club.

Nuneaton Borough FC didn’t hold back from responding to the appeal. Chairman, Jason Dean, worked with Jimmy Ginnelly to source some old kits and football boots the team no longer uses. Being well-connected within the Nuneaton business community, and InXpress Coventry owners, David and Liz Murray, Jason knew how he could quickly arrange for the shipment to be sent, before Sam returned to the UK.

As David explains, “When Jason emailed us asking for help to ship the kits over to Africa, we knew we could help. Our Customer Services Coordinator, Charlotte, did an exceptional job in arranging all the paperwork for the shipment, so it could be sent safely, securely and quickly, to Ghana. Within just seven days, the boxes had left Nuneaton Borough FC, and arrived in Accra, where Sam collected them from the DHL Station, and took them back to the village he was working with – a three hour drive through the dusty African countryside.”

Jason said “We were sitting on a lot of unused Boro kit at the club and we received quite a few donations from the junior managers and sponsors, in response to the appeal. This meant we were able to send two boxes of kit over straight away, and we have more to send over, as soon as we can work out how – now Sam is back. I am hugely thankful to David Murray and Charlotte, at InXpress Coventry. When they heard our story, they had no hesitation in helping us send the boxes out to Sam, in double quick time.” 

With more kits to be shipped over, and a second company asking for David’s help to send similar items out to Uganda, InXpress Coventry are proud to facilitate customers making a difference around the world.

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