Full member board nominations

Dan Van Kuyk Betterclean

Dan van kuyk QFP
Betterclean Services Franchising

After 20 years of experience in business and franchising my passion lies in helping people start, grow and nurture their businesses.  Initially a franchisee before purchasing my own business it was a natural progression to expand Betterclean Services through franchising. In 2021 we opened our 15th franchise; 5 are run by women.  As a BFA Board member my main drivers would be increasing the awareness of franchising, particularly to a younger audience, the promotion of ethical franchising within industry and the provision of guidance and support to franchised brands on the development of harmonious working relationships between franchisor and franchisee.

I understand fully what both parties desire from franchise business partnerships having been both a franchisee and franchisor. I do my homework and am a good listener. I make decisions and lead people with consistency and compassion. Outside of work I enjoy hill walking and spending time with my family.

Since 1995 Betterclean Services has provided cleaning services to businesses throughout the UK. Our strong reputation and growth are a direct result of our continued focus on customer excellence, investing in our staff and following our key values: Integrity, Wellbeing and Teamwork. Values I will bring to the BFA board.

David Glover

David Glover is joint CEO of Caremark and has previously been a BFA forum chair for London & the South East. He entered franchising, aged 22, as a solicitor specialising in franchising for a BFA affiliate law firm. He has been an affiliate member, a franchisor and franchisee in his 25 years in the industry, roles which have given him a unique insight and understanding from different perspectives of franchising. He has extensive knowledge and experience in franchising placing him in an ideal position to facilitate the ongoing progress and development of franchising in the UK and within the BFA.

I believe passionately in franchising and feel incredibly proud and lucky to have been a part of the industry for over 25 years. We need a strong BFA and I would very much like to use my experience, knowledge, drive and determination to help the Association flourish and grow.

Established in 2005, Caremark is an award-winning home care franchisor. With 130 offices, its turnover is expected to increase in 2021 by over 20% to €110m. Its franchisees employ 7,000+ people and are supported to develop a sustainable business which delivers Caremark’s high standards of care to their local community.

Michael Graham *re-election*
Chemex International

It’s been fascinating to consult and debate key issues in our industry within a strongly evolving association led by Pip, guided by Emily and supported by an extremely hard working team as they pushed for franchisee inclusion, fervently drove its educational platform and developed an outstanding reputation within the international franchising community. The pandemic has shown that the association is in great hands and it would be my pleasure to continue helping the Board in its role of guiding and supporting the team towards realising the wide ranging initiatives that they hold for the future.

Thirty years, four franchising systems, franchisee and franchisor equals a life in an industry that I believe makes a difference to many people. With unparalleled change ahead a wealth of opportunity exists for franchising and for those who lives will change for the better because of it.

Chemex proudly protects the reputations of many businesses through the cleaning and hygiene products we supply. For 35 years our model of “local support for local businesses” has created business longevity for our individual franchisees some of which have thirty years or more history operating their franchise.

Nick Neill

Ewemove Sales & Lettings

Having successfully run a franchised business, from start-up to growth to revenue generating machine, as a franchisee, from 2014 for 3 and half years, to then take the reigns as Managing Director of the UK franchised business itself, from June 2017, I have been very fortunate to see the franchised operation from both sides of the relationship dynamic. This has provided me with insight into the issues and opportunities available to both the franchisee and the franchisor. In my own case, this has allowed me the chance to re-engineer certain aspects of our franchised offer, focussing on generating cash for franchisees whilst delivering an extraordinarily high level of customer service.

As an experienced corporate operator with a career in sales and customer serviced focussed businesses, I have the know-how and understanding about how a business works and how to generate reliable, long-term revenues. I tested myself and ran my own franchise successfully. I now very much enjoy helping our franchisees to develop personally and build their businesses into the operation they always envisaged.

EweMove is a sales and lettings franchise that is part of a bigger PLC (TPFG.L) and includes 8 other brands. Unique among our stable, we are the growth, hybrid brand within the portfolio. We have ambitions to grow from 115 outlets at the start of 2021 to c400 by the end of 2024.

Paolo Massimilla
Expense Reduction Analyst

My motivation to join the bfa Board of Directors is birthed from the fact that my greatest insights come from past challenges and trials. I have had to constantly re-evaluate my intentions, goals, and my steps towards success. Mistakes, failures, disappointments – they have provided a fresh perspective and new direction, which I am very happy to share with you. My sole wish is to assist the bfa in overcoming any challenges and potential setbacks, to master the art of franchising and receive the abundance and rewards that come with it.

I help Brand grow. I love to help entrepreneurs and franchisees grow their businesses by helping them develop a compelling Brand Strategies and implement tailored solutions.

Through in-depth industry knowledge and insight across various expense categories, our goal is to add value to organisations by advising on industry-specific best practices, reducing costs and ultimately delivering tailored solutions to benefit business health and growth.

Ben Kirby QFP *re-election*

Having served for the past 3 years as a bfa board member, it is a privilege to be able to give back to the franchising industry, through serving and working on the board. I am personally committed to the bfa board, and especially to supporting all its franchising members. If I am re-elected, I can continue sharing my knowledge in supporting and mentoring new emerging brands. I hope to continue adding value by representing all franchisees and franchisors in franchising.

I have 17 years of experience in franchising, as a multi-unit franchisee and franchisor with InXpress, gaining a unique perspective which has assisted me in my role as the Franchise Development Director. I am part of the InXpress senior management team that developed the business from a UK based franchised system into an awarding winning global franchised network.

InXpress is a sales management franchise and technology company reselling express courier services to small and medium sized businesses, who send out packages and parcels. We do this by providing an integrated technology e-commerce platform, access to exclusive rates and personal local service. InXpress was founded in the UK in 1999, and now has over 450 franchises in 14 countries globally.

Paul Courtman-Stock QFP
McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd

McDonald’s is a longstanding member of the bfa. Over the last seven years I have maintained and nurtured this relationship in my role leading the recruitment and on-boarding of new franchisees. Completing the QFP, attending forums and supporting ThinkTank has given me valuable insight and a deeper understanding of franchising as well as valuable contacts from the bfa and other delegates. It has been a long held ambition to become a board member and I would welcome the opportunity to be able to help to govern the association and support the sector to achieve future growth.

I’m passionate about the amazing opportunities we offer individuals to run their own business and the great things that we can achieve together. I’m committed to ethical franchising and especially interested in how we, as a sector, can be more inclusive and ensure that we attract the very best talent.

McDonald’s is a global QSR chain operating almost 40K restaurants.  In the UK&I we employ over 135,000 employees, operating 1429 restaurants. We’ve operated in the UK&I since 1974 and began franchising in 1986; our 191 franchisees operate over 90% of the UK&I restaurants. 

Angie Coates *re-election*
Monkey Music

Angie Coates – Founder and CEO Monkey Music. I opened the first Monkey Music class nearly 30 years ago. Today, nearly two thousand classes happen every week across the UK and the brand is widely acknowledged as a leading light in pre-school education. None of this would have been possible without the power of franchising and a talented franchise network to deliver extraordinary collective growth. As a member of the bfa Board of Directors, regular contributor to bfa events and a strong believer in ethical best practice, I would love to continue to serve on the board to share my extensive experience of successful franchising with the wider business world.

As a franchisor, musician, author and mum of 5, I am passionate about creating working opportunities for women who want to balance the priorities of work and family. I believe that a successful franchise business rests on creating a nurturing environment where the fear of failure is eliminated and every individual feels significant.

Monkey Music is Britain’s premium pre-school music brand. Since it began, it has enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of families across the UK. The heart of the company is a uniquely devised educational music programme which is taught by hundreds of specially trained teachers.

Simon Bartholomew QFP *re-election*
Oscar Pet Foods

I am proud to have served on the BFA Board, including 3 years as Chairman, representing members within the franchise community. Regularly attending forums I enjoy listening to members’ experiences and views. Awareness of franchising is key to all of our success so I am passionate to see the association raise the profile of franchising within government and education. Having recently been working on the Block Exemption regulations with the EFF I would welcome the opportunity to continue serving as a Board Member, using my experience to build on the important work of our association and positively represent fellow members.

With 30 years in franchising, currently Franchise Director at Oscar and a board member of the bfa where he served 3 years as Chair. He previously worked for McDonald’s and KFC , before spending five years as a franchisee. Simon represents the bfa on the EFF and World Franchise Council.

Preston based, Oscar has been a franchisor since 1993 and is a full member of the BFA. We have 90 franchisees in the UK offering a complete home delivery pet care service to all pet lovers. A mobile pet food business that delivers a unique product in an exclusive territory.

Emma Hayes
Platinum Property Partners

Considering recent economic, social and market changes, now is an exciting time to be involved in an industry changing people’s lives helping them to find freedom and futures they can believe in. The bfa have the opportunity to influence and shape future generations of franchising, from raising awareness on environmental issues to supporting young female leaders and re-designing business policy. With the right communications and support the bfa could optimise their position to be even more pioneering, influencing their members to bring out the best in their businesses, networks, teams and future leaders.

Vibrant, effective, forward thinking, creative individual, who spots exciting opportunities to drive value and satisfaction to large audiences. Managing Director by 30, I’m tenacious, trustworthy and thrive working with people who also enjoy challenging the status quo. I’d relish working with the bfa to help inspire its franchisees to grow.

Specialists in residential and commercial property supporting our Partners building successful property portfolios, helping them secure steady, life long income by de-risking their investments with expert mentoring and ongoing support. Currently applying for B Corp status, we’re committed to doing things differently for the benefit of our people and planet.

Chris Wootton QFP
Poppies (UK) Ltd

I’m passionate about working to ensure people appreciate the significant rewards – personal and financial – that franchising offers. I would use my position on the board to strive to reach beyond the confines of the ‘franchising world’, to educate and inspire future generations and those bright sparks currently languishing in the jobs market, feeling unfulfilled. My aim is to be a vocal and steadfast representative of franchising – I am willing, and able, to dedicate my energy to this cause. Everything from raising awareness in the media to engaging with government. Change is needed and I am prepared to lead the charge.

Franchising has been my life for over 25yrs and my love for our industry has only grown. Those who know me recognise I have the drive to find solutions to franchisors’ longstanding gripes, regardless of size or sector. I’m equally passionate about getting everyone’s voice heard, not just the few.

Established 1980, Poppies is a brand with a rich heritage. Proudly the UK’s first-ever domestic cleaning franchise, today, our network cleans 6000+ homes every week UK-wide and boasts a turnover of over £5million. With both single and multi-territory operators, Poppies has evolved into exciting management-style franchise with an impressive infrastructure.

Kerry Bhella QFP
Rainbow International

Over 14 years I have experienced UK and International Franchising from many perspectives including a high value leisure sector “not for profit”, a Whopper of a burger company, a Global multi-brand food and beverage operator, a Master Franchise bought out by its Franchisees and the BFA itself.  I have worked with many of our excellent affiliates and specialist service providers and have attended, and presented at, many of the Franchise sector events, exhibitions and conferences etc. I am passionate about the benefits that franchising brings to the UK and Global economy and the ethical expectations of the BFA.

I have a passion for the benefits that Franchising brings to both Franchisees, Franchisors and Affiliates and the diversity of opportunity that it provides those working within the sector. I am driven by adding value, and would relish the opportunity to influence wherever I can on the BFA Board.

Rainbow International, the UK’s market leader in Disaster Recovery and Restoration, has a rich heritage in the Franchise sector dating back to 1987.  Rainbow is the UK Master Licensee of the Neighbourly Group and has recently undergone a ground-breaking Franchisee Buy Out giving its Franchisee full control of their destiny.

Ken Deary QFP *re-election*
Right at Home UK

With 25+ years of experience in franchising as a Franchisee and Franchisor and several years sitting on the BFA Board, latterly as Vice-Chairman I feel I have the relevant experience and understanding of franchising and the BFA to add real value and positively influence the direction the BFA take on behalf its members. Being passionate about franchising I feel all decisions should be made in the best interests of the membership and this must be achieved by being fully inclusive, ethical association that listens to, communicates and consults with it’s members both large and small.

Since 1994 I have operated at the highest level in franchising, first as a Franchisee with McDonald’s winning the BFA Franchisee of the Year and prestigious Golden Arches award, then a Multi-Award winning Franchisor with Right at Home. I passionately believe franchising is the best route into business ownership.

Right at Home is a multi-award winning Franchisor in Home Care sector serving vulnerable adults. We are totally committed to ethical, trusted franchising and importantly consulting and listening to our 70+ Franchise territories and working collaboratively with suppliers. We put our Franchisees at the top of our agenda.

Lisa Stead QFP

Franchising has become more than a job role for me and over the years I have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that I believe could form the basis of a strong contribution to the board at the Bfa. I am keen to reach beyond the limitations of just one company and contribute positively and proactively to the overall franchise message in the UK. I believe that my enthusiasm and drive could be an asset and I am keen to be a part of something bigger; supporting, encouraging, helping and developing others so they can achieve their goals.

With 15 years of franchise experience I am passionate about franchising, specifically in training, supporting and developing, not just franchisees but, head-office teams too. I would relish the opportunity to be able to work with the bfa to aid promotion of a positive and proactive franchise legacy in Britain.

Shuttercraft is the longest established and largest distributor of shutters in the UK, with an average growth rate of over 35% per annum over the last 8 years. We’ve been franchising since 2012, now with 40 territories, and a strong focus on continual growth and development to achieve success.

Darren Taylor
Taylor Made Franchising

My name is Darren Taylor, I am Managing Director of Taylor Made Franchising, which owns five franchise businesses. I began my franchising journey as a Stump Busters franchisee in 2006; I have experience both as a franchisee and now a multi-business franchisor. I am a strong supporter of the BFA and fully embrace their stance on ethical, professional franchising. I would be honoured to become a member of the board of the British Franchise Association

I consider myself to be an experienced member of the British franchise sector, with over 80 franchisees. I am expanding all the time and would like to bring my knowledge and experience to the board. It is important to me that us with large networks encourage growth within the industry.

Taylor Made Franchising is made up of five, van-based, owner-operator model businesses in the UK, plus one international master franchise, Stump Busters, in the Netherlands. I also own Aftech Engineering Ltd and am on the board / non exec director of 2 companies.

Ed Reid QFP
The Alternative Board UK

I’m a passionate believer in the great work that the BFA does. I also believe that the more you put in, the more you get out, and that has certainly been the case with our membership of the BFA thus far. We’ve really ramped up our involvement and contributions over the last few years, and at every turn, the enthusiasm has been reciprocated by the members of the BFA team, and we’ve got to know some great fellow franchisors. I’m now ready to invest more time in helping every member get the very most from BFA membership.

I’ve been a director of my own consulting business, which I started as a TAB franchisee in York, for 12 years now. I subsequently bought the national franchise to become UK franchisor 5 years ago. I’ll support / critique where appropriate, always with the best interests of members in mind.

TAB exists to help business owners run better businesses and have better lives for themselves. We make this happen through a combination of peer boards, coaching, and a world-class suite of business tools. In the UK, we’re an organisation of just over 50, and growing each year.

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