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Granite & TREND Transformations celebrates 15 years in the UK

November 06, 2019

Granite & TREND Transformations UK, known for its kitchen and bathroom transformations using high-quality, sustainable materials, is celebrating 15 years of business. The company, which started out in Perth, Australia in 1996, has expanded globally, with the UK business established in 2004. 

Danny Hanlon, the COO of Granite & TREND Transformations UK, has been part of the Granite & TREND Transformations brand since the early days. The home renovation market in Australia was booming and granite worktops were very desirable. However people couldn’t always afford a full kitchen refurbishment and so, the brand created something that had never been done before to offer customers an update for their kitchen without replacing the whole thing; and “the top that fits on top” was introduced to the market. Danny explains, “I joined the company as a subcontractor having just finished an apprenticeship. The whole concept was brand new and interesting, and with international prospects, it was an exciting opportunity not to be missed.” 

The company grew from simply supplying and fitting new worktops that fit over existing ones to offering replacement cupboard doors so that customers could have an update without needing to replace the entire kitchen. Granite & TREND Transformations’ offering has changed drastically from then to now. Long gone are the days where only granite worktops were offered in six colours; now, the company can provide a full kitchen makeover, including worktops in granite and recycled material surfaces in over 40 colours, cupboard doors and drawers, appliances, accessories, and tiles and mosaics. TREND Group acquired a majority stake in 2006 which enabled Granite & TREND Transformations to add all of the luxury materials from their portfolio to the kitchen and bathroom offerings too. The next stage of the company’s evolution is to generate more awareness for its capability to transform bathrooms as well as kitchens. 

Since establishing the business in the UK, Granite & TREND Transformations has transformed roughly 72,000 kitchens across the country and over 200 bathrooms. Most customers who request a bathroom transformation have already had their kitchens done and like the look of the products, especially the tiles and work surfaces, and so opt to have them installed in their bathrooms too. With constant research and development within the company, the brand is looking to invest more into products for the bathroom. 

Granite & TREND Transformations

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