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Home Care Franchisees Are Off To A Flying Start

Home Care Franchisees Are Off To A Flying Start

The first franchisee sign up for 2021! 

Tim and Alex have known each other since they served together in the RAF in 2008, and later as commercial pilots. Today they strengthen their bond by going into business together and joining our Guardian Angel Carers Franchises family with exclusive Home Care territories in Farnham, Surrey.

We think their skills and sense of duty make a great match for us and Home Care, and are excited to be by their side this year as they make a new start in our growing and rewarding industry.

Tim says, “We’ve been given a lot of time by founder Christina Bassadone. She’s supported us every step of the way – to do our figures, navigate the regulatory requirements and had us roll up our sleeves with team Guardian Angel Carers HQ to do our care training. It’s given us the fullest picture of what’s involved and what to expect.”

Alex adds, “I’m impressed by everything I’ve seen and experienced. The Guardian Angel Carers way aligns very well with our backgrounds. Like them no-one will be doing anything that neither Tim nor I have. I’m energised, enthusiastic and informed – ready to make a new start with our Home Care Farnham franchise”

Welcome to our franchise family.

To learn more about Alex and Tim and follow their monthly progress, email marketing@gacarers.co.uk to join our newsletter.

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