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How Company Owned Stores Enhance our Franchise Training Programme

How Company Owned Stores Enhance our Franchise Training Programme

Our franchise network is the cornerstone of Granite & TREND Transformation’s success. By attracting talented individuals to join us with our tried and tested business model, superior products and comprehensive programme of training and support, we have been able to grow our franchise into one of the most successful in the UK.

It might surprise you then, to learn that we have recently opened a new company store that is owned by the franchisor, Rocksolid Granit (Europe) Ltd. Our newly appointed concession display, located in Hilliers Garden Centre, Eastbourne, Sussex, is the second company store within the South East Region.

With over 60 showrooms & concession displays owned by our franchise partners around the UK and several more on the way in early 2021, our new corporate showrooms are very much an integral part of our extensive franchise network and are playing an important role in what makes it so strong.

Giving you the best possible start

One of the most important contributions that our company stores are making to the franchise is in training our new recruits. When we welcome a new franchise partner into the Granite & TREND family, we want to give them everything we possibly can to make sure that their new businesses get the solid start that they deserve. After all, they may be working for themselves now but a great franchise is a two-way street – their success is our success!

While a large part of our intensive training programme takes place at our HQ in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, a good portion of our programme is dedicated to learning all about running a franchise at one of our stores. New franchisees are able to not only gain direct, hands-on experience in the day-to-day operations of the showroom and workshop but also to benefit from the experience and expertise of our Senior Design Consultants.

This “On the Job” training module also gives our new franchise partners the opportunity to shadow the Senior Design Consultant on a sales appointment, either to a customer’s home, or by using our virtual consultation service. This allows them to see how to take an efficient and professional approach in guiding customers from initial consultation to final sale.

We believe that this in-depth level of practical training makes a huge difference to our new partners, helping them to maximise the potential of their new businesses right from the beginning.

Setting the standard

The investment we have put into our company-owned stores and the recruitment of highly experienced professionals to run them, also allows us to present them as a template for running a successful showroom. We want to make sure that all our franchisees can replicate the high standards we expect from all of our partners and deliver the level of service that we have become renowned for.

The teams at these stores are real-life examples of just how well Granite & TREND Transformations can present its innovative product range and deliver exactly what our customers need. By acting as a “gold standard” that all our franchise partners can strive for, we are ensuring that all our centres have a clear model from which they can build their own offerings.

With you every step of the way

Of course, training and induction is not the end of the process, in fact it is just the beginning! We are 100% dedicated to supporting all our franchisees throughout their growth and development. All of our partners, new or old, can benefit from our expertise whenever they need it, as well as attend regular training sessions in everything from business planning and operations management, to sales and marketing.

Our store-based Senior Design Consultants form part of our Franchise Advisory & Support Team and are on hand to assist our franchise partners with any issues that might arise. They are more than happy to lend a professional ear to any questions or problems that come up and to share best practice right across the network.

With such a wealth of knowledge and experience behind you, and above all, a genuine desire to help you thrive in your new enterprise, we are confident that you too can rise to meet the challenge.

If you are ready to start your own business and join a franchise that is designed with your success in mind, we would love to hear from you.

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