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How Green Machine Franchisee is Getting on

How Green Machine Franchisee is Getting on

“I secured £120,000 worth of contracts in the first month of trading!” – Brett Miller

Brett and Amy joined as Green Machine Franchisees in April 2021 and have already signed two contracts!

See what Brett has to say about his Franchise journey so far…

“Coming to the end of May and it only seems like last week I was talking to Mary way back in January 2021 about becoming a Green Machine Franchisee. Fast forward to now and we have completed our two weeks franchise training and we have now secured contracts for three commercial sites, a private dental surgery, two doctors’ surgeries with another imminent all signed up. We also have two further doctor surgeries and office space all starting soon, hopefully, that is but with feedback we seem extremely positive of winning these contracts. Put that together with the additional services to be agreed with two doctors’ surgeries and waste and consumables being quoted for a Roastologist in Sheffield. And the great news this morning of two possible high-value appointments with primary school headteachers in the Sheffield area for multiple sites soon! All that in 28 days, what a first month it has been!

Those are our great highlights, the reality is, hard work, time-consuming, burning the candle at every end, losing track of the days in the week, and the financial stress of expense without instant income! BUT……what does anyone expect building a business is? Anyone that goes in blind thinking starting up a new business or franchise would be plain sailing is highly deluded. The stress of this journey is one of those beautiful stresses because you see the immense benefit at the other end, when we have established ourselves in the region, utilised the immense levels of support and help from the franchisor and team, then we shall see the benefits of all this hard work.

My advice for future franchisees, do your due diligence, risk mitigation, and research, do not look upon this franchise opportunity as a get rich quick, YOU will only get out of this venture what you put in; this is exactly what I told myself in January and still say every day, keep on track, consistent progression is the way to succeed, make the right connections as networking is extremely effective and essential.”

With so many franchise options out there, how do you know which is the right fit for you? Partnering with Green Machine may be the best decision you could make for your future. Interested in a Green Machine Franchise? Contact the team today to find out more

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