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How PACK & SEND franchisees are reaping the benefits of the e-commerce boom

How PACK & SEND franchisees are reaping the benefits of the e-commerce boom

A growing trend over the past decade or more has been the rise of e-commerce – with online shopping sales booming enormously throughout the recent pandemic, with the trend set only to continue. In 2020, Global e-commerce sales rose by 27.6%.

E-commerce has empowered sellers of all descriptions to transact with a much wider customer base, often located hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

For PACK & SEND, the opportunity for these sellers to transact remotely has played right into their hands. Their ‘No Limits!’ approach means their franchisees provide quality packing and shipping services to e-commerce sellers, enabling them to ship anything, including fragile, large, awkward and valuable items, around the world.

Mike Ryan, CEO of PACK & SEND UK comments: “PACK & SEND provides a one stop solution to sellers, enabling them to supply their goods safely to customers wherever they are located. Our franchisees fill a key gap in the sector, specialising in taking on shipments other shippers would normally avoid due to the care and attention needed to package and transport them.

“Our franchisees not only take care when packaging a shipment, but are experts in finding the best shipping solution.  Furthermore, we also offer our customers the option of a  warranty – giving them peace of mind in the rare event that their item does not arrive safely at the buyers destination. For people selling specialist items that need a bit more attention, we are the go-to name.”

PACK & SEND franchisees aren’t limited by their franchise territory, as they are able to get online referrals for business from all over the world.

Mike continues: “Our franchisees gain access to an exclusive territory, which other franchise owners can’t solicit business from within, but there are no limits to where their business can come from. All our services centres regularly complete shipments referred from clients thousands of miles away.”

And PACK & SEND are boosting the global scale of e-commerce, shipping clients’ packages to nearly every country in the world, with 90-95% of their shipments being international.

Mike comments: “Whilst our franchisees pride themselves on delivering a high level of customer service to local businesses through their high-street stores, they are also able to deliver this level of service to e-commerce clients who may be referred from far and wide. As our business model allows for both a local and global service, we are moving with the times and providing a franchise opportunity that is future proof and operating within a growth sector.”

To find out more about PACK & SEND and their unique franchise opportunity, please call 0118 958 4628 or visit https://www.packsend.co.uk/uk-franchise-opportunities/.

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