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How the QFP qualification aids your professional development

What weight does obtaining a Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) hold in the industry? How does it aid you in your day-to-day role? Why should you invest time into acquiring it? In this article we speak to two people who have a QFP about how it has helped their personal development.  

What is it?
A Qualified Franchise Professional certificate is a signifier that you have attended key events throughout the year related to the qualification, got involved in key topics, and learned from qualified instructors who can help you get a deeper grasp of the industry. You may feel like you know a great deal about franchising without the qualification, and you may have many years of experience, but you should never stifle your professional development and this qualification is formal recognition of your sustained effort to enrich your knowledge and experience in franchising.  
You can read all the specifics, along with testimonials, here.

Enhancing your personal development
As well as recognition in the industry, you also have the benefits of enhancing your knowledge in the franchising industry, helping the business you work for develop in the sector, talk about effective business approaches in the workshops, gain a competitive edge against businesses that do not enrol staff on the QFP and even increased employment opportunities. 

Who is it open to?
The QFP was developed for people in the franchising industry, including professional advisors to the industry, franchisors, directors, managers and franchisee support staff, as well as franchisees themselves. However, the QFP qualification is only available to members of the bfa, and its staff. 
How do I get the qualification?
Over a period of three years, you must accumulate 3,000 points. The minimum you can obtain per year is 800. There are core events run throughout the year, and these must be attended, as well as the Annual Conference. Once you have attended all of these and are close to 3,000 points, you will be invited to attend an interview. On the successful completion of this, and finally notching up 3,000 points, you then become a QFP. 

How do I keep this qualification?
To keep the QFP, you need to demonstrate Continuous Professional Development (CPD). To do this, you need to attend events and accumulate a minimum of 600 points per year. This ensures you keep up to speed on latest practices and continue to develop.

Mu’azzam Ali, Director of Marketing and co-founder of the Little Dessert Shop, which serves everything sweet, believes thee qualification benefits his business: 
“After becoming bfa affiliated it made sense to take part in the QFP.  Attending lectures and networking events gave me the opportunity to learn from other professionals and gain valuable insight into the franchising industry as a whole. It increased my knowledge around developing best practice and enabled me to better select and support franchisees. I was able to fit it in with my work commitments and I can now develop better strategies for the long-term future of the business.”

Pam Gordon QFP, Franchise Development and Recruitment Consultant at The Franchising Centre, which help people on their franchising journey in numerous ways, explained that even though she has so much experience in franchising, the QFP qualification helped her learn new skills, too: 
“I gained my QFP in 2017, after 18 years within the franchise sector. It felt fantastic to have some recognition for the experience gained over those years. I should also add that by attending the bfa accredited training it helped to reinforce some of those practical learning experiences, together with the benefit of new ideas from the trainers and the other would-be QFP attendees who worked within franchising from different sectors and industries.
“As I now work as a Franchise Consultant and am talking to would-be and existing franchisors, the QFP is an added endorsement of my experience and also my commitment to franchising and advising them in an ethical and hopefully ‘modern’ way. To maintain the QFP I have to attend a certain number of sector events and this ensures that I am also committed to my own ongoing franchising knowledge development. It highlights to clients that I’m not advising them with experience that’s out of date.”

Hannah Banfield QFP, Head of Marketing at ServiceMaster Franchise Support Centre, a company that specialises in carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning, explains why the company have enrolled some of its staff on the course:
“ServiceMaster has invested in our senior leadership team so that all have acquired, or are currently undertaking, the QFP qualification and we believe it will help us demonstrate our expertise and professionalism to investors and existing franchise partners, positioning us as bone fide experts in our field. On a personal level, I’ve also enjoyed learning from others on the courses and have formed some strong bonds with other industry professionals through the learning journey.”

QFP course this year
January 23 & 24: How to Market your Franchise & Recruit for Network Growth 
February 21: How to Monitor Franchisees’ Performances
March 27 & 28: How to Understand Franchisees’ Financial Performance  
April 17: How to Motivate Franchisees
May 29 & 30: Recruit for Network Growth 
June 13: How to Monitor Franchisees’ Performance 
July 9 & 10: How to Understand Franchisees’ Financial Performances 
September 26: How to Motivate Franchisees 
October 16 & 17: How to Market your Franchise & Recruit for Network Growth
November 28: How to Monitor Franchisees’ Performance 

How to sign up
Go to the main QFP page on the bfa website here and click on the register now part on the right hand side. 

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