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How to start a home yoga practice

How to start a home yoga practice

Continuing your yoga/ Pilates practice at home or starting it altogether as a new routine is something many are starting to do. Follow these tips to know how.

Yoga at home is a great way to keep your practice regular and up to date. As we self-isolate due to the Covid-19 outbreak, practising yoga is one of the best things we can all be doing. Not only does it keep you fit, supple and helps with relaxation, yoga boosts your immune system. This is crucial for your body as a healthy immune system helps fend off viruses.

Yoga at home also makes you concentrate on your body, and supports you both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here are some great tips to start your yoga home practice.

  • Get your mat and props. Get hold of a sticky mat (these should still be available online to order, just check out suppliers that are still providing deliveries) If you really can’t get hold of a mat at this time, then use a thick bath towel.
  • If you have a block then great. In place of blocks for seated poses you can use firm cushions, folded blankets or a stack of books.
  • Straps – if you use a strap and have one, great. If not and you require one, then a sock or tie will do the same job.
  • Meditation cushion. – A bolster cushion or large rolled up towel will work.

Make some space for yourself.

  • Find somewhere in your house that you can make relatively quiet and peaceful.
  • You may want to have a wall nearby so you can put an inspirational image up which is often good practice for yoga.
  • Move furniture away from you so as you stretch you don’t hit anything. If possible make the space as empty as possible. If it’s clutter free, your mind will also be clutter free.

Times for your home yoga practice.

  • Make your yoga home practice fit into your lifestyle. Our online classes are available in the through the morning and into the evening.
  • Check out our home yoga practice timetable – you can see what suits you and have a go. Find which classes suit you and follow the live stream.

Plan you practice.

  • Look through the timetable here and pick the class(es) that you’d like to do. These are streamed live, so plan which classes you’d like to do and be ready 5 minutes before. There is an online chat facility on our platform which you can say ‘hi’ to everyone in the class. It’s a great way to connect with people doing the class, and ask questions beforehand or afterwards.

Make it fun!

  • Our online classes are great fun, and the chat facility enables you to interact with everyone before or after your class. Everyone is really helpful and friendly, so enjoy yourself and engage with your fellow yogis from the comfort of your own home!

Don’t seek perfection.

  • Online classes are quite different to studio classes. You won’t have the hands-on assistance of a teacher if your posture needs adjusting, so take things slowly and safely as you follow the instructions online. We don’t want you to injure yourself, so if you are new to yoga, the basics classes are the best way to begin. If you feel you can’t achieve a posture then leave it out, but keep your body warm until the next sequence. Use your instinct and listen to your body. You’ll soon figure out what you can manage and what you can’t. But the more you do the better you’ll become.

it is time to have a go. Yoga is for everyone so don’t count yourself out of trying it. You’ll feel great the more you do, and there’s plenty of classes to choose from on our new online schedule! If you need to contact us for information, or how to set yourself up at home, then please email us on hello@sandstoneyoga.co.uk – we’re here to help!

Our online classes are live, not recorded. please join your class in good time prior to it starting so you don’t miss any of the content. See our timetable here: SANDSTONE SUPER STUDIO ONLINE

We really hope you enjoy your online yoga class with us, and that starting yoga will help you through these tough times. join in with the meditation classes too as these are practical ways to help decompress and relieve anxiety.

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