Husse back in full swing!

Husse back in full swing!

With Covid, restrictions continuing to ease we have franchisees itching for shows and events to get back up and running to showcase the brand and bring nutritional information to their territory. We are now seeing schedules for the main shows across the country take shape which is great news!

You will see Husse showcasing at the south of England show & paws in the park to name a few.

With our online sales maximised throughout lockdown being able to get back out and about with direct marketing on top of the implementation of our new state of the art webshop which is due in the coming months will be a huge asset to any entrepreneur looking to take on the business and only help with generating more sales

Husse UK continues to offer an award-winning product whilst remaining true to our heritage of happy pet, happy lives. Joining Husse will allow you as a franchise the option to market a super-premium that lives up to the hype!

Demand for niche products

There are many key factors that you look for in pet food that all companies look to supply. High protein, Natural & human grade for example. So what makes Husse stand out?

Husse products not only appeal to the masses by covering all the above bases. We also cover all the parts that might slip through. From dog food contain chondroitin and glucosamine for joint support, to cat food containing cranberry to help with urinary issues.

Husse makes sure no cat or dog is left out and provides a product for all pet needs.

Where do I sign up

Here at Husse, we are always looking for new hungry entrepreneurs to bring new ideas and initiative to the business.

You can get in touch by emailing support@husse.co.uk or calling 02079983439. One of our team would be more than happy to help you start your journey to success.

We look forward to hearing from many of you soon!

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