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“If you have the drive and determination to succeed in banking, you will succeed with Auditel”

“If you have the drive and determination to succeed in banking, you will succeed with Auditel”

When Auditel franchise partner Gordon Brearley was asked why ex-bank managers make such good consultants his answer was simple “If you have the drive and determination to succeed in banking, you will succeed with Auditel, because you have transferable skills”.

Gordon, at the age of 53, joined Auditel in 2007 following a successful career in banking with NatWest and RBS. When Gordon first looked at Auditel when seeking to start a business for himself he quickly realised that decades in banking had given him strong business acumen, presentation skills, an ability to get on with people from all levels and a general keen interest to help other businesses. These exact same skills make for happy and profitable Auditel franchises.

Gordon really enjoys the diverse range of clients he gets to deal with each day. He says “In banking I enjoyed dealing with lots of different types of businesses and businesspeople. In Auditel it is the same with no two clients being the same. I work with schools, care homes, solicitor practices, estate agents to share but a few of my varied and expanding client base”.

As an Auditel franchise partner Gordon is part of 100-strong network of consultants who work with medium sized organisations to help them manage all their suppliers better, with a simple aim of improving service and saving them money. Auditel started over 27 years ago with focus on energy management before expanding its service offering into all areas of general procurement over the last decade.  Most of Auditel’s current franchisees love the fact they work from a home or small local office keeping their own overheads low and profits high.

It is not just the variety that Gordon loves. “I get real satisfaction from saving a client from rogue suppliers. I remember when I started in banking and bank managers were a respected pillar of the community. With Auditel I still think of myself as that respectable person. I’m happy to be on the good side, helping clients to do something very beneficial for themselves.” Gordon adds.

Another important factor for Gordon when choosing his next career after banking was how well it would align with his longer-term goals. He wanted something without the headaches of employing lots of staff but that would keep him busy even into his later years. With 14 successful years now under his belt with Auditel we asked Gordon why he had not already retired, he said “I think it keeps my mind active and gives me the extra income to spend things like my daughter’s recent wedding”. I plan to keep doing it for years.”

Gordon isn’t the only ex-banker to find a new and bright future via Auditel with several members of the Auditel franchise network having very similar banking backgrounds. Auditel Managing Director, Chris Aston, comments “Having spoken to many ex-bankers who are looking for a new career and I think Gordon has hit the nail on the head, they love the trusted advisor status our consultants reach with clients. It reminds them of what banking used to be about”.

The money helps as well with ex-bankers who join Auditel matching or exceeding previous earning potential but with a much better life balance. “Of course there is a ramp-up stage with starting a new business but from around the third year onwards I have had a good and consistent income and would say my income has definitely kept pace with what I would have seen had I stayed in banking” explains Gordon.

Nick Tubb, Head of Recruitment for Auditel adds “As Auditel continues to develop its network of incredible partners we are really keen to speak to anyone coming out of the banking sector about the lifestyle, satisfaction and rewards that investing in yourself can bring with an Auditel franchise.  Whether it be as a full-time venture or as part of a portfolio career, we truly believe the Auditel business system, tools, training and support can give you all the success you might be looking for in your next adventure.”

Find out how you can build a great business with Auditel. Contact Nick Tubb on recruitment@auditel.co.uk or call 01962 893067 for a chat.

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