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In for a penny…

In for a penny…

 InXpress franchisees are “All-In” when it comes to supporting others. Every year, the InXpress Gives Back annual Penny Per Shipment campaign, shows commitment to making a difference, as they almost double the amount they raised last year!

Every November, InXpress UK runs an annual fundraiser and donates 1p for every shipment booked through them, to charity. Over the last few years, we’ve seen increasing numbers of franchisees either matching, or increasing their donation, with around 15% of offices this year, pledging well-above the 1p per shipment. As a result, the network almost doubled last year’s amount, raising a record-breaking £10,142! Who knew all those pennies could add up so substantially!

InXpress are committed to using their business success to find ways to give back. So, to be in a position where they can fundraise in such a simple, but effective way, means as a network, InXpress are able to really make a difference to causes which are close to their hearts. “The way InXpress Gives Back works,” explains Jon White, UK Country Manager, “is through the Gives Back committee. Any of our franchisees can put forward a person, or a cause, which we can support together. The Charity committee allocate funds wherever they’re needed. Last year, we also launched our High Five Forever campaign, so the money raised through both these initiatives, allow us to make a real difference in our communities.”

This is evident, when you hear the stories of people who have been or are being supported by InXpress. People like teenage carer Jessica, who was nominated by InXpress Blackpool. Jessica left school early, and has since lost touch with many of her friends, because she wanted to support her mum and help care for her five year old twin brothers full time. The boys have severe autism – as well as other respiratory health conditions. Although the family does have a support worker, Jessica has lost her confidence, having put her life on hold.

When the InXpress Gives Back committee heard about Jessica, and her desire to gain qualifications for a future carer in acting, immediately agreed to cover the cost of her lessons, and UCAS-recognised exams. This will not only give Jessica weekly focus and time for herself and her future, but will also help to build her confidence. She won’t be away from her brothers, and mum for long, as the lessons are run weekly, in a college close to where they live. This will give her peace of mind, about doing something for herself.

“Hearing stories like Jessica’s brings to life the InXpress Gives Back ethos,” explains Jon, “to be a franchise which is committed to giving back. Our franchisees are growing businesses which puts them in a position to help others less fortunate. It is the heartbeat of what we’re about, and the heartbeat of how InXpress franchisees want to run their businesses.”

Find out more about growing a business which gives you opportunity to give back to others. Call Ben on 0800 195 2125 or email: info.uk@inxpress.com

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