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In-home Elderly Care Company welcomes Korean delegation

November 07, 2019

Local government delegates from the Bupyeong Provence of South Korea visited Kent to learn about successful elderly care.

In-home Elderly Care Company welcomes Korean delegation

The delegation said “Korean population is like UK was in the 90’s” and they identified Seniors Helping Seniors because the care model is already a Top 20 most recommended Care group. “It’s doing things very differently. Fit for purpose in a today’s society” they said.

Christian Wilse of Seniors Helping Seniors UK explained 

“When you run a business that impacts as many lives as ours does, it’s important to share experience. Korean delegates singled out Seniors Helping Seniors because we are driving change and raising expectations about ageing.”

Seniors Helping Seniors in the UK already reaches over a million people each year for elderly care, giving families the help and peace of mind they need. Elderly people get support to live safely and well in their own homes and the model provides job opportunities for older people. Because of the good we do, we quickly became a Top 20 most recommended care group in the UK, even though we are relatively small.

With every new Seniors Helping Seniors that opens, the local community gets increased employment, great elderly care choices and it alleviates pressure on GPs and local hospitals and charities”  

Sally Wilse says “We got into franchising to drive change in a sector close to our hearts and because we wanted to make a big difference”  

Seniors Helping Seniors is about doing business the right way. The work with clients, the carers who work for the company, and the collaboration with franchise partners is ‘doing the business the right way.’   Seniors Helping Seniors franchisees say the business approach is like a ‘breath of fresh air.’  Sharing knowledge is the right way to do good business and it is becoming expectation for successful companies today.

The Korean delegation was from local authority service provision in Korea, “Seniors Helping Seniors customers are self-funders, so our processes are not applicable because the end users are different. It was the ambition to change thinking that we conveyed”

The delegation had received a disheartening response from UK ministers and local government officials who told them “they were too busy with Brexit” 

Seniors Helping Seniors UK who started in Canterbury in 2013 and now has five offices in South East and East UK took the opportunity to showcase their joined up thinking and transparency by inviting the delegation to their home-based office to share their expertise in driving change and improving standards of elderly care. 

Winning hearts and minds in UK, Seniors Helping Seniors has been sought out by a country going through similar challenges with an ageing society and Ageism and the delegation was grateful to Sally and Christian Wilse for taking the time to answer their questions.

Around 14% of the Bupyeong population is aged 65+, hence the officials visiting the UK to learn more about the UK’s welfare systems for the elderly.   The district’s only solution currently is nursing homes and they came to find out how Seniors Helping Seniors looks after people in their own homes instead, keeps them well and provides peace of mind for their families who need help caring for their loved ones.”

Christian Wilse, Managing Director of Seniors Helping Seniors UK comments   

“The delegation is on a fact-finding mission. I applaud them for working to get ahead of the curve. It was great they singled us out and our pleasure to welcome them.

Seniors Helping Seniors

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