Informal Conciliation

Informal Conciliation

The bfa has neither the power nor the right to intervene in a dispute between franchisor and franchisee, but can, on request nonetheless make a positive contribution in respect of dispute resolution by supporting the re-establishment of positive communication between the parties with the aim of bringing about a resolution.

In the first instance the bfa seeks to facilitate an informal conciliation by allowing each party to represent their case and reconsider their positions to work towards an agreement. The franchisee is invited to complete and return a Notification of Dispute form. Assuming the franchisee has already pursued all reasonable avenues to resolve the dispute, the bfa will then seek a response from its member franchisor. Often this is sufficient to re-establish constructive dialogue.

The bfa will not make any comment or judgement in respect of either party’s actions. The bfa does, however, reserve the right to act independently in total confidentiality, to address issues of underlying ethical principles with our member franchisors.

If this informal conciliation process does not achieve resolution, the bfa has an independent mediation service which is open to both parties, to allow an amicable resolution of disputes. This is a completely voluntary process which involves independent, qualified mediators with recognised expertise in the franchise sector. Details of our mediation service are set out here. Beyond mediation, the bfa also offers an arbitration service, details here.

To engage with the bfa’s informal conciliation process please contact us on 01235 820 470 or email mailroom@thebfa.org. 

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