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Investing in property can provide you with a substantial income

Investing in property can provide you with a substantial income

This could be to top up your existing salary, or it could even replace your current income entirely – meaning you get back your time to do the things you love.

But exactly how much could you earn from a property business where you want to invest?

Now you can find out…

Check out our HMO investment calculator

We’ve added a HMO property investment calculator to our website, where you can select an investment location** and enter the amount of capital* you have to invest.

The calculator will then tell you:

  • How many properties you could potentially buy using our specialist HMO business model
  • The annual operating profit you can expect from your portfolio
  • The return on equity – showing you how hard your invested capital will work

Please try out the calculator for yourself by clicking the button below and if you have any questions about the results, please do get in touch.

Calculator link – https://platinumpropertypartners.co.uk/financial-return

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