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InXpress teams up with company inspired by national hero to deliver some much-needed cheer

InXpress teams up with company inspired by national hero to deliver some much-needed cheer

InXpress Bradford take the slack when it comes to delivering good cheer, with the launch of a special product by one of our customers.

In a year when it’s been so hard to find good news, InXpress, a world leading global shipping specialist, wanted to help make the delivery of good cheer, a little more uplifting.

The opportunity came when one of our customers, North Yorkshire gin distillery, Otterbeck, were looking for help to fulfil their customers’ orders. They’d distilled a very special new product – a gin inspired by national hero, and beloved face of lockdown: Captain Sir Tom Moore.

The brainchild of MBE-holder, and twelve-time Motorcycle Trials World Champion, Dougie Lampkin, Otterbeck distillery is a family-run business which first opened during the first lockdown, in May 2020. Set-up by Dougie, his wife, and several close friends, the distillery has been growing steadily, ever since. But it really hit the mark with its newest offering, and sales have been soaring.

Dougie first met fellow Yorkshireman, Captain Sir Tom Moore, during the filming of the ITV documentary, ‘A Day in the life of Captain Tom.’. A mutual love of motorbikes soon led to a fast friendship, with Captain Tom visiting Dougie’s home to see his collection. Talk soon moved onto their second love, great-tasting gin, and a series of tastings took place over a long conversation about family and friends in Yorkshire. Dougie was so enamoured by Captain Tom and their mutual interests, he and his team set about creating the new signature drink in his name.

When the story behind the gin’s creation began to spread, Otterbeck was soon swamped with orders before the product was even launched. Needing some way to ship this incredible new offering to both Captain Tom, and gin fans alike, Dougie contacted InXpress Bradford, who were more than happy to help. Demand was growing day by day, and Dougie needed someone he could count on, to provide the best possible shipping solution for his new customers.

Only InXpress, with our fully IT-enabled logistics systems, and friendly professional service, could provide the kind of rapid and widespread delivery the distillery needed to distribute their exciting new product. With the ever-increasing trend towards online shopping, it’s more important than ever for companies, like Otterbeck, to find shipping and delivery experts they can trust.

With the help of InXpress’ relationships with trusted couriers, specialist logistics software, and industry expertise, franchise partners like InXpress Bradford can always go the extra mile in meeting demand ahead, of the competition.

Bottles of Captain Tom’s gin are flying off the shelves and making their way to customers, delivering some much-needed cheer to homes all around the country.

This feel good story shows how being a part of the InXpress franchise is about more than just benefitting from a successful and profitable business model. It’s about providing a vital service to big and small business alike, and helping to support the local community. By continuing to expand with new partnerships all across the UK, the InXpress franchise is doing our part in helping new businesses, like Dougie’s, make their dreams a reality.


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