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It’s almost time to get festive- but is your customer care at risk?

It’s almost time to get festive- but is your customer care at risk?

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year – political turmoil, the cost-of-living crisis, unprecedented recruitment challenges, the list goes on. Employees across the franchise industry are understandably feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Your workforce doesn’t just deserve a break, they need one and with the festive season upon us, many will take the opportunity for some well-deserved R&R. The good news is that well rested employees are more focused and productive but is there a risk that time off could have a short-term impact on your customer/client experience. And could that have a long-term impact on your reputation?

Here, Hollie Broadhead, business development manager from leading outsourced communications provider, Moneypenny, explains why investing in year-round support is the answer to delivering consistently brilliant customer care that doesn’t depend on seasonality or staffing levels.

Avoid last minute panic

In the stress of year-end, resource considerations often fall to the bottom of the priority list, leaving customer service shaped gaps in many franchise businesses. Outsourced client care solutions, such as telephone answering support or live chat, solves this issue and can be scaled up or down depending on requirements – ensuring you’re prepared for any eventuality and saving on holiday-induced panic.

Protect your brand

Outsourced services play an important role in not only handling queries and capturing leads but protecting the brands that organisations work so hard to develop. When Christmas leaves you light on resource, outsourced help allows in-house staff to continue giving warm face-to-face customer service while simultaneously avoiding calls ringing out or reaching voicemail. If a client calls with a concern and is unable to speak to the correct person, leaving a message with a friendly, knowledgeable telephone answering agent will leave them feeling confident that their business is valued and protect brand reputation.

Avoid seasonal changes in revenue

Quiet periods can be a standard part of your business but if your bottom line is dipping because you’re unable to handle incoming enquiries, there’s a problem. In a competitive marketplace, if a prospect can’t speak to someone online or via phone, they’ll fall straight into the hands of a competitor.  Ensure you have an adequate client communications solution in place and grab the business by both hands. Even better, prove yourself to be a customer service champion at a time when others so regularly get it wrong.

You’ll not only benefit from improved customer care, a stronger pipeline and a rock-solid reputation, but a happier, more engaged workforce. Merry Christmas!

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