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Kitchen Franchise Brand Benefits from a surge in Home Improvements

Kitchen Franchise Brand Benefits from a surge in Home Improvements

There’s never been a better time to buy into a home improvement franchise, and there’s never been a franchise business opportunity quite like Granite & TREND Transformations!

To say that 2020 has been an unusual year is a major understatement. We’re not going to start using phrases like “unprecedented” and “challenging”, because we’ve all heard it a thousand times, but suffice to say that this year has been one that has completely defied any kind of expectation.

One of unexpected benefits of the last 7 months is that the home refurbishment trade is booming. Unlike many other industries that have seen their growth stall, or have even lost business during the last year, here at Granite & TREND Transformations we have seen an astonishing increase in our sales since June. There has been an upward trend in this market for quite some time now, but 2020 wildly exceeded our original forecasts.

The brand’s UK division reported third quarter results for 2020 which saw like-for-like, system-wide store sales increase by 27% on the same period from last year. August was an exceptionally strong month with an overall 39% increase in sales with five franchise partners posting sales greater than £100,000 for the month. In addition to the brand’s traditional ‘top that fits on top’ worktop sales, transactions of larger kitchen & bathroom makeovers also soared in the third quarter, with one location posting the networks strongest ever sales result of over £250.000 for the month of July.

With everyone staying home more this year, there has been a lot more time to look at the role that important rooms like the kitchen and bathroom play in the home. Tired, old worktops and tiling just aren’t cutting it anymore, and homeowners have been taking the opportunity to have that work done that they have been thinking about for years.

On top of that, with house prices rocketing over the last few years, more people are investing in improving and increasing their value of their homes and rather than selling and upgrading. As The Independent reported back in 2018, there has been a five-fold increase in the number of homeowners choosing to remain in their property and carry out home improvements rather than moving on. Though that report is 2 years old now, this is another trend that looks set to increase as the current crisis makes moving house less palatable.

The 2020 Renovation Nation Report from money.co.uk also shows that around £55billion was spent on home renovation this year alone. Further research shows that having to spend more time at home has inspired more than 60% of homeowners to invest in renovations to their properties this year.

Suffice to say that there has never been a better time to tap into this market! Granite & Trend Transformations has been able to ride the crest of this wave through a combination of precision manufacturing techniques, superior materials and hassle-free installation methods. With our innovative approach, we are able to give customers the high-end look they are searching for while still offering extremely competitive prices. Investing in our franchise business means that you will be able to employ these innovative methods for yourself and set up your own successful enterprise.

By using our franchise’s unique model, you too can bridge the gap between customers’ expectations of luxury and affordability and deliver a product that perfectly meets this surging demand. Our franchise opportunity not only allows you to be self-employed and work for yourself, but also to share in our success as market leaders in an expanding industry.

In times of economic uncertainty, franchising offers a far more secure and sustainable way for entrepreneurial individuals to launch their own business than going it alone. Giving yourself a head start by buying into an established brand that already has advanced systems in place, as well as a proven track record of success, greatly reduces the risks of starting your own business.

As our Chief Operations Officer, Danny Hanlon tells us: “Over the 24 years that we have been operating the company, we have experienced a number of recessions, in different markets and for different reasons. Our concept always seems to do well in downturns or periods of uncertainty and, whilst customers might not have the budget to spend on a completely new kitchen, they are drawn to the idea that they can simply modernise their current layout relatively quickly and for a reasonable investment. I guess you could say that our model is somewhat recession resistant.”

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that puts you in the lead of a dynamic and growing sector, please contact us by visiting www.trendtransformationsfranchise.co.uk

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