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Liam’s Franchise Journey. ‘Why I chose a Total Guide to Franchise as my new path’

Liam’s Franchise Journey. ‘Why I chose a Total Guide to Franchise as my new path’

In 2019 I was a client of Total Guide to from working in my past life in Hospitality and catering. One of our hardest parts to nip out the competitor was to ensure we marketed in as many areas as we could but with having the best ROI. Many marketing companies would try not to put their name into tracking ROI, but Total Guide to for sure did do this for us.

“I decided after an informal coffee and a chat with Rachael to go for a sponsorship package with Total Guide to in Swindon and in Bath. With the B2B and B2C reach with Total Guide to, my marketing spend was only 1% of the sales they generated.

My ethos in life is to help as many people as possible, so this has now changed from managing, helping, and supporting a team of over 400 catering team to now helping businesses in Cardiff and Bristol.

We took on the franchise of Total Guide to Bristol in February 2019 and in September 2020 launched my dream of a life of having a business in Wales where I originally grew up and my family are all based.

Has it been hard through the pandemic? 100%, but it has been for all of us, but now is the time to continue the growth and be a part of our 700k+ audience to ensure we are maximising our ROI for each and every one of our clients.

Catering and hospitality were 25 Years of my life and I truly do appreciate all the challenges that it brings, and this is why I joined a franchise that actually understands and works closely with each and every client that joins our portfolio.

To find out more, visit  www.totalguidetocardiff.co.uk or www.totalbristol.com.

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