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Life in lockdown for Photography for Little People Franchisee

Life in lockdown for Photography for Little People Franchisee

Like other families during the lockdown, I have a 3.5 year old son who misses his nursery and friends, I started to ring up and contacted his nursery families to have zoom chat with other families children. 

Then I got to know lots of families with babies, especially with newborns facing so many different challenges, COVID -19 has changed our life almost every aspect. 

As a newborn photographer, I decided to do something what I can do to be positively helping others to face the change and challenges “Why not helping others to capture their family moments to make them looking forward to the future? “That was the first idea in my mind 

Soon I started a fund raising project for NHS Edinburgh maternity unit by gifting my time to take family doorstep portrait sessions while keeping safe social distance. I have been overwhelmed by the huge support from local families, one of them have 18 weeks pre matured baby girl has her first image with her parents, one of mums has brain tumor had her first family portrait with her newborn, one of babies stayed in hospital for 6 months then lockdown soon began when she just came back home… so many families I have met, so many sweet or sad family stories I have been shared. I feel so privileged that I managed to capture those memories for these families and the image I took for them is something nice keepsake for them to treasure ! 

I have raised £1000 after just about a month! And all proceedings are all going to the NHS Edinburgh maternity ward! 

My husband and I made a special rainbow montage piece – ? Thank You NHS Heart with those participated  families images in! This work piece will also be donated to the NHS maternity unit along with the money that I have raised. 

Helping others to capture the memories is something I would call “magic”! And I’m so content about what I have done during the pandemic. I think that’s why I love being a photographer and enjoy what I’m doing!

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