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Lifelong Friends Go Into Business Together

Two childhood friends are topping up their pension pots by launching a Dream Doors franchise.

Andy Earnshaw and Robert Wood have known each other since they were nine, playing football together as children and running a mobile DJ business in their late teens. 

After successfully managing their own businesses and franchises for decades, the lifelong friends were looking for a fresh franchise opportunity to keep them busy until they are ready to fully retire. They are now running Dream Doors Huddersfield and Halifax for the UK’s #1 kitchen makeover company.

Robert, 62, said: “I semi-retired from my last franchise two years ago, and last year it made just over £1million. To be honest I’ve become a little bit bored since then, so I started looking for a new opportunity.

“I looked into Dream Doors and the opportunity it presents – and all the numbers add up – so I asked Andy if he fancied coming in on it with me.”

Andy, 62, said: “I’ve been a company director before and the whole idea for me has always been to grow the business enough that I can become redundant. 

“I accomplished that in my last role, but my wife has now started prodding me and saying: ‘What are you going to do next?’ That was right around the time Robert asked if I wanted to do this, so it was good timing on his part.” 

Andy added: “You can spend years trying to devise a business model and a valuable proposition to take to the market, but we don’t have to do that here; we can just focus on running the business using the model Dream Doors has already devised.”

Andy Earnshaw & Robert Wood
Andy Earnshaw & Robert Wood
Dream Doors Ltd

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