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Lingotot working tirelessly behind the scenes

Lingotot Head Office have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to support their Franchise Partners through the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The network of Lingotot franchisees have been benefiting in a number of ways:

• Pivoting within 24 hours to move all classes online, to support existing customers and reach new ones. This enables Franchise Partners to make an income when venues are closed.

• All classes remain fun and interactive!

• Increased online marketing to make sure they have plenty of customers when things get back to normal or even if they decide to stay online!

• Franchise Partners are enjoying working and engaging with their little lingotots and parents

And what fun their online classes are! Angela Sterling has said “We have had the BEST time! Take a sneaky peek at this little video of our online classes…”

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/luybgZONxDI

“Our franchisees have been telling us how supported they feel and we couldn’t be prouder! Take a look at just a few video testimonials below…”

(Harriet Blain, Lingotot West Hove): https://youtu.be/BpEFryFxwyM
(Amy Rowsell, Lingotot South Staffordshire): https://youtu.be/Gfc1504yqHY
(Sarah Canavan, Lingotot Bexley): https://youtu.be/c_JbJiz-ubs


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