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London commuters urged to escape the rat race

Behind this extraordinary visual stunt, is a national pest prevention franchise, Prokill. The franchise business is persuading workers fed up with the daily grind of the rat race, to consider a new career, take control and become their own boss.

Half a million workers passing through London Victoria Station would have recently spotted a  massive piece of striking 3D floor art encouraging people to ‘escape the rat race’ centred in the heart of the station.

This breathtaking art, which is a 6×4 metre floor vinyl, has been developed to stun, stop and engage.

Prokill is looking to open the eyes of London commuters to the potential opportunities that await them if they start their own franchise. No more stuffy tube journeys.

Prokill’s managing director, Dean Spiers says: “People need to understand what opportunities are available to them if they are to change the path that they are on in order to enjoy a more rewarding and healthier work life balance.”

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