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Making Memories

Making Memories

At the Best Magic Mirrors, we believe in allowing franchisees to build a business around their personal lives, and do something that not only brings joy and laughter to countless clients, but also to themselves. All our franchises are run by women, either by themselves, or with the help of their partner, and we couldn’t be prouder of them. Empowering, supporting and encouraging women makes for incredible success and profitable business for them.

Previously I’ve celebrated International Women’s Day by looking at all these inspiring women who do incredibly in their careers, the women I know personally who inspire me on a daily basis but never myself. I was sat at home, watching my child grow up and enjoying the time I had with him, but never feeling ‘successful’ because I didn’t have a career path, and felt I’d lost all ambition and was nothing but a Mum. Now however, I’ve realised I can still spend lots of time with my children and be an amazing mother but also be a successful businesswoman simultaneously.

Lauren Hill, owner of our Windsor franchise, loves the flexibility and freedom that owning her business gives her! She said “[The Best Magic Mirrors] has given me the opportunity to live the lifestyle I want, make my own decisions and have control of my own diary, whilst also providing the most incredible guidance and support to help make the business successful.” Lauren was the first to become a franchisee, and just over a year into her business she has built an incredible team around her, and now has the financial ability and freedom to be able to go on Caribbean holidays and still have a successful business running at home.

Chan from Mayfair London decided to take the plunge into our amazing franchise family with her husband Marlon in 2021. They said “We were searching for years for something to fit round our family and a healthy living lifestyle but it wasn’t so easy as we first thought- let’s face it, trying to juggle work and family can be testing at the best of times. However, we struck gold; our life changing moment arrived when we discovered The Best Magic Mirrors and they offered us the chance to create our own success around our lives, and not the other way round”.

Our newest franchisee, Julie, decided The Best Magic Mirrors Winchester was her new reality. She saw the potential and realised that with strong systems and perfected practices already in place, that a franchise was a great investment from day one! She commented “the on-boarding process was smooth and efficient and certainly beyond my expectations”. She felt empowered and supported and also said “I had the tools in place to start networking and managed to even take bookings before I physically got all my equipment!”

Interpersonal relationships are essential within the events industry, but franchising has truly allowed all of us to be stronger together. We can cover larger areas and a higher volume of events, as well as helping each other generate higher income. We meet countless women each week who are successful within our industry, as well as many others, and it’s empowering for me and the team to see so many successful and happy businesswomen. It gives us motivation and strength to continue moving forward both in our professional and personal lives, and makes me proud to be a woman every single day.

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