Meet the BFA Board

Pip Wilkins QFP

What Pip doesn’t know about franchising probably isn’t worth knowing! With 25 years’ experience in the franchise sector, her career has been focused on the BFA and she now leads one of the most successful franchise associations in the world. Pip’s vision for the BFA is very clear: to maintain & strengthen standards, provide educational opportunities that influence success and to ensure the wider promotion of franchising.

The BFA team is passionate about franchising and aims to provide a bespoke customer experience to help you, your brand and teams connect, learn and develop within the franchise industry.

You can contact us at any time on 01235 820470, or by emailing

“Water Babies have been a member of the BFA for years and I believe a big part of our success is because we play an active role with and are fully supportive of BFA. Equally we believe in broadening the connectivity of franchisees across the industry to share knowledge and support one another and as such we are big advocates of franchisees joining the BFA.”

Paul Thompson

Water Babies – BFA Chair
“One of my personal goals is to support the expansion of Franchisee membership to ensure the BFA represents the whole of the Franchising sector. I have seen first-hand the value being a BFA member can bring to a business, particularly for those who are new to Franchising. It provides a wealth of tools, resources and events for its members to support with business growth.”

Ken Deary

Right at Home
"The BFA continues to set high standards within franchising, which I relate to and feel proud to be associated with. I am passionate about franchising, not afraid to challenge decisions, skilled at implementing strategies am an EWIF Ambassador, deliver talks on franchising and promote the sector in various ways online."

Rachel Brooks

“I see first-hand how hard the BFA teamwork in order to shape an exciting future for UK Franchising. I am particularly interested in the BFA initiatives around ‘increasing new franchisee membership’ and ‘encouraging more women into business’."

Angie Coates

Monkey Music
"McDonald’s is a longstanding member of the BFA. I was thrilled to be offered a position on the board of the BFA and will commit myself to support and guide the association and to the development of the sector as a whole. I’m committed to ethical franchising and especially interested in how we, as a sector, can be more inclusive and ensure that we attract the very best talent.”

Paul Courtman-Stock

McDonald’s Restaurants
" In my role on the board, I aim to achieve 4 things; I want to educate and ensure franchising starts to get the recognition it deserves in the UK. I also want to actively promote ethical franchising and I want the brand “franchise” to be seen as a positive way to expand a business and grow a brand.”

Ruth Brown

Home Instead
"I am passionate about ethical franchising, collaboration and education and my values truly align with those of the BFA. I am not just a franchise solicitor; I am a franchise solicitor who has spent over half a decade within a franchised business. My background, experience and expertise are an asset to the BFA to continue to drive and promote ethical franchising, high standards and sustainable business practices.”

Natalia Shvarts

Excello Law
"I have always endeavoured to help people achieve their goals. I am excited to see more and more young people entering the franchising arena and hope I can help influence and develop the franchising leaders of the future through my work with The BFA and the EFF.”

Catharine Chalton

Home Instead
"Franchising is a wonderful model for people to grow their business idea successfully, and for entrepreneurs to be able to start a business more securely. The BFA, because of its consistent high standards, strong values, and history, gives all parties confidence and a degree of security in that journey.”

Jacqui Moore

McDonald’s Restaurants

Here at the BFA, we are here to support you at whatever part of your franchising journey you are on.

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