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Our team is passionate about franchising and we are here to help you, your brand, and teams connect, learn and develop in the franchise industry.

Pip Wilkins


Pip cut her teeth in franchising and now spends most of her time laying foundations to support a fast paced and evolving sector. Pip’s mission for the bfa is very clear. To maintain standards that strengthen, education that influences success, providing platforms to connect and support and continual promotion to raise awareness of the industry as a whole. 

Emily Price


Emily’s main focus is designing winning strategies and working with the bfa team to achieve amazing results for the members, the bfa business and themselves. Turning the bfa’s vision into reality is her priority and she holds a firm belief that the journey presents a fabulous opportunity to all that commit.

Laura Harvey-Smith

Training & Education Director

Sporting an extensive range of training and consultancy experience in franchising, Laura is perfectly placed to develop the training and education pillar at the bfa. There are exciting strategic plans already underway and we are sure that as part of the senior leadership team at the bfa Laura will see us on a road to global educational success.

James Sedgwick

Customer Experience Manager

James thrives on building strong relationships to ensure customers feel supported and at the heart of the bfa’s work. He brings valuable skills and over a decade of experience obtained from within the retail sector. James knows how to take an objective and build trust in teams to implement and excel. He is driven by the opportunity to do a fabulous job and add value to his customers and with a keen eye on both the bfa strategy and customer aims we know he will prove an important player in any member journey.

Andrew Dick

standards Manager

Andy spends most of his time knee deep in training manuals, company accounts and franchise agreements, stress testing franchise business models is what he does best. As with any globally leading franchise association we cannot rest on our laurels and Andy has made it his mission to continue strengthening standards and compliance practices at the bfa.

Will Strike

Compliance Officer

Will is detail focused, passionate about customer service and a data analyst machine. Working tirelessly with prospects and members, Will focuses the majority of his time reviewing industry challenges and ensuring network risks don’t become big issues. This makes him well placed to identify industry knowledge gaps and recommend new bfa innovations to maintain high quality in the industry.

Maria Hartnell

Business Coach

Maria comes with a wealth of franchising knowledge and having worked with several franchisors in her time feels ready to impart her wisdom with the industry at large. Maria hopes that ‘a problem shared can be a problem solved’ at the franchise gym. We can’t wait to see the franchise industry benefit from Maria and her team’s experience.

Nicole Smith-Dawson

Operations Executive

Nicole is our relationship extraordinaire, she makes it her mission to speak to any business operating in the franchise sector new and old about standards, education and promotion in franchising. Nicole loves finding out what makes brands tick, what their goals are and helping them to achieve these through their engagement with the bfa.

Gabrielle Day

Design Executive

Gabbie is the bfa’s design guru, not only is she a star concept developer but she has an incredible vision for creating high quality and engaging brand assets that support the bfa’s goal of becoming the leading educator and promoter in franchising.

George Hopkins

FInance Assistant

George is pretty nifty with an excel formula or two and we’d like to say it’s highly likely you won’t hear from him often as he ensures we remain free from debt. Members keeping their payments up to date means we can tap into George’s analytical mindset to support project review work, this is the meaty part of the job that enables the bfa to make agile business decisions to support visionary goals.

Jen Chapman

Business Operations Manager

Jen has an incredible work ethic and ability to drive through heavy workloads with little hesitation, She is absolutely the team’s centre field player and we love that she can transition to support different teams with ease, proving her role as the bfa’s special project champion.

Jasmine Archer

Marketing & Comms Officer

Jasmine is queen of the bfa’s data and she comes armed with a toolkit of marketing strategies to help the bfa boost its brand presence and show significant value to customers both old and new.

Zoe Townsend

Events and Training Administrator

With her dazzling smile and cheery persona, Zoe is our go to person for all things training and events.  She keeps the operation running smoothly and manages the finer details offering brilliant back office support and front of house finesse to the bfa’s education and event programme.

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