Mark Hennis and Naomi Moore

M & NMark and Naomi capped off their first full year at Ableworld by being awarded the network’s ‘Franchisee of the Year’ accolade in December 2012.

In presenting the award, franchise director Paul Boniface praised Mark and Naomi’s determination and proactive approach which had led them to achieving their store budget for the first year and along the way breaking some company records.

The first record to go was that of ‘Best Ever First Week’s Sales’. Ableworld has been in existence for over eleven years and its founder Mike Williams has been opening retail stores for over 40 years. “We put a project team together whenever we open a new store and I’m pleased to say that we are constantly improving the way we do things,” says Mike.

Not content with that, Mark and Naomi then broke the company record for most sales in a week during the summer of 2012. “It was very hard work fulfilling all our customers’ orders that week but very satisfying!” was Mark’s view of their achievement.

Franchisee Background
Before joining Ableworld, Mark and Naomi ran a successful country pub on the outskirts of Newark and decided that for their next venture they wanted to go into a business that had a social as well as a commercial focus. Mark explained: “We wanted to run a business that is ethical and fulfils a need in the community in which we live. We have seen plenty of poor service in the retail sector and we hoped to bring our experience in the hospitality trade into a new sector.”

Naomi, who previously worked for the NHS, added: “We wanted to build links and more importantly trust within our local community in our business. We provide a one stop shop for our customers where they can purchase something as small as a pill box or as large as a stairlift and everything in between.”

Franchisee Support
Ableworld has a fully functioning head office with marketing, purchasing and accounting departments. In addition there is engineering, sales and specialist advice available to franchise partners. So how do Mark and Naomi feel they have been supported during their first year?

Naomi says: “Being new to the industry we had a lot of questions which were answered by our initial training but there will always be things that are not covered or that you forget. We found that whenever we had a query or needed some advice there was always someone in the Ableworld network who could help.”


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