Gary Tunney

Gary TunneyAn Aspray franchise is not for everyone. We look for credible and instantly likable individuals who have the ability to lead others through negotiation. Our franchisees need to possess the ability to analyse situations calmly and make quick decisions to ensure that our customers feel at ease.

Take a look into a day in the life of a successful Aspray franchisee, Gary Tunney.

07:30 Alarm goes off, time to start the day.

08:15 At home in the office checking my appointments for the day ahead.

09:30 Updated yesterday’s surveys then jumped in the car and headed to my first appointment.

11:00 Arrive at my first appointment to oversee a survey on a customer’s roof with my vetted roofer. The customer authorised me to manage their claim.

13:00 Now to a pre-arranged meeting with a loss adjuster.

14:00 Off to my next survey which is a water damaged property.

15:30 Back home now to make calls and update my customers on their claims.

17:00 Just received a call from an insurance company to hear that one of my claims has been authorised.

22:30 Quick check over tomorrow’s diary to plan the day ahead then time to hit the sack.

“As you can see each day is different, this is certainly not a 9–5 job, in fact sometimes it feels more like a way of life than a job. I enjoy the fact that each day is different are the same. The great thing I find is that you can work until midnight without feeling any resentment and you can have some bit of leisure time without feeling guilty and that’s what being your own boss is all about.”


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